Friday, June 29, 2007

June is my birthday month

You all know how silly I am about my birthday and I do try to drag it on as long as I possibly can.  One year I even did it for more than a month.  Friend Gina and I got together last night to knit for the first time in a month and she brought me some fabulous birthday presents (and I brought the rest of her birthday presents, including the one that I accidentally locked in the house the last time we got together).  Here they are:

New dishcloths:  I will say that dishcloths are what got me started down the primrose path to knitting.  Gina craftily (ha ha) made me a couple for my birthday last year and I was just touched by the fact that she would sit and knit me something.  I then lamented, for about the half-millionth time, that I always wanted to learn to knit and Gina asked me again if I wanted to learn.  I didn't just then, but she finally convinced me 6 months later and 6 months and countless balls of yarn later, the rest is history.

You cannot even conceive of how darling this knitted bookmark is, so just take my word for it.  It is precious.

Lastly, Gina found these pretty stitch markers for me:  green, my favoritest color ever.  Her daughter calls them "jewelry for your knitting" and she is so right.  Now I can stop using my high school ring for a stitch marker, yes?

I now have a very disturbing picture to show you.  Those of you who are squeamish may want to stop here.  You have been warned.  You know when Gina and I get together to knit, I have to take pictures, especially if she is making socks because I think that socks are just too darling.  People do look at us funny when we're sitting in Starbucks knitting socks but I think that just lacks imagination, don't you?  Here is Gina's latest project, modeled on her foot, so we could see exactly how big these suckers are gonna be:

Doesn't it look like an acupuncture procedure gone horribly wrong?  I assure you that Gina's feet were not harmed in the making of this photo.

Two more random shots.  No, three.  When we came in to Starbucks last night, we were very loaded down, with both knitting things and birthday goodies.  I had to take a picture of our bags and baggage:

Actually, I think most of that was my stuff!  Zoinks!

This is the dishcloth I finished last night, a sweet pattern by Rachel (not my Rachel but another one): 

It says "Friends" in the middle.  White was probably not an inspired choice to have the design show up at all.

And finally, my Fuzzy Feet came back to me in the mail.  I had taken them out to show my sil and nieces when I was there and forgot to repack them.  As you can see, they're quite large.  They're meant to be so so that I can shrink them down and have warm felted socks for winter use.  I'm hoping to finish Friend Diane's bag today so that I can use this rainy (thank you, God!) Friday to shrink wool into useful items of clothing. 

I hope y'all have an excellent day yourselves!

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