Monday, July 02, 2007

It's a Monday

It's been Monday all day long. At least we have nice weather for the festivities.

I love it to be cool but I surely don't understand swimming when it's chilly. Our thermometer read 58ยบ (that would be Fahrenheit) this morning at 9. Guess where the children wanted to be:

Children in the pool

Yeah, not my idea of a good time. David was the only one who came out with his teeth chattering uncontrollably though.

And since I've got pictures up, here's a picture of Friend Diane's bag which I finished on Friday and delivered on Saturday.

Diane's purse

Back to my regularly scheduled life (that would be teaching math, cleaning, laundering, and toddler wrangling)....

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Leigh said...

I'm jealous! You have a pool in your back yard? If anyone should have a pool in her back yard, it's me. :)