Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Gardening by moonlight

With the able assistance (or insistence) of my son, I was up at 4:15 this morning.    I often cannot return to sleep when I'm awakened at that hour and as I have a busy day planned, I was rather miffed.  I couldn't think of anything that I wanted to do but I was certainly willing to go unravel and ball up sock yarn if nothing else presented itself.  Interestingly enough, it did. 

I looked out the window at the silvery moonbeams illuminating my yard and said, "Hey!  I could garden by that light!"  And so I did.

Most of the "gardening" I did by moonlight was pulling weeds but hey, they needed pulling and now that part of the garden is ready for tilling.  I was also able to garden by the daybreak and by full light.  It was marvelous to watch how the light changed almost perceptibly as the minutes ticked on.

I'll try to remember that when I'm dragging hiney about 4 PM.


Julie in Texas said...

So impressed that you gardened at that time of day! Of course it is quiet and the plays of light are fabulous. I love to watch God's creation come to life...usually with a cup of tea and a comfortable chair, not pulling weeds!

Life is chaotic here, but oh so good. Thanks for your kind words on my weight loss, I have been fortunate to have a good beginning. It has been work, but the wonderful progress keeps me going.

Happy 4th!

Lady G~ said...

Sorry to hear you were up in the wee hours of the morning. But how awesome that must of been to be gardening by the moonlight.

I often have sleepless nights. Not because of someone, but because of me. When I do, I usually pray. But like you said, by midday or afternoon, I'm dragging. Time for a nap! :o)