Monday, June 18, 2007


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Well, the big 4-0 has come and gone. Sort of. Because we were so tanked from our trip to Oklahoma, we decided to postpone Father's Day and my birthday celebration. So I got a much-needed nap yesterday (keeled over cooking lunch, don't ya know) and we'll celebrate on Tuesday.

Don't exactly know where my camera is. Don't exactly know if my USB cord for it works at all since it freaked out when I used it to attach my fil's digital photo frame to it. So no pictures yet.

The red OK mud still adorns the Big Black Van. That stuff should be sold for cement.

A few casualty of our trip: the herbs I planted before we left actually leaped out of the ground, effectively committing suicide in the aridity that is Cincinnati these days; some of the flowers I planted don't look too healthy. All in all, though, I was satisfied. Of course, I haven't gone out to the vegetable garden yet. I may be sobbing in my coffee before long.

Another biggie: I talked to my cousin last night. Why is this a biggie? Because this is a cousin I've never actually met and one that I only knew of in a vague way. So she's about a year younger than I am, lives in St. Louis, and has one daughter. It was weird, talking to her. I'm sure it was the same for her. Here's this person you're related to but who you don't know at all. Actually, on my father's side, there's a lot of that. I was not allowed to know anything about his family when I was growing up and all I've gathered has been after I grew up. And now there's Shawn...weird stuff but wonderful. Life in the age of Jerry Springer.

And now I'll gird up, check the garden (bet the weeds grew despite the lack of rain) and hang up laundry. We might get a sprinkle or two tomorrow and we have loads and loads of camp laundry to process today. I love hanging laundry (getting in touch with my inner-almost-Amish, I guess) and love the scent of line-dried wash. And I need to get hold of Friend Gina and see what's up with the coupons she got for me last weekend when I was in Okie-homa.

And Friend Husband is talking to me so I'll go. Weirdness. I was gone from most technology last week and didn't miss it. But it's so easy to get back into it again. Phone on the shoulder, fingers to the keyboard. Later days, dudes.


Gina said...

My .02 is keep on blogging even it is Kimberley. I wouldn't say boo about her here anymore. If she thinks your life is boring, she'll quit coming around.

So sorry about your plants. I forgot to water my flower boxes *one* night and the stupid things have quit flowering. Grr. They were so pretty too.

Robin said...

Dear Lori

Dude! LOL I am so glad you stopped by to say hello today. I sure do miss all the chatting we used to do - guess 'things' got busy. But, that certainly has nothing to do with how much I am glad to call you friend. You are wise, you are wonderful, you are weird. LOL I just had to say that. Jussssst joshin' on that last one - but it sure did fit it well with my w's.

You mentioned the one card - I hope you rec'd mine as well.

(me singing in my most lovely birdy voice)

Happy birthday to you!

Happy birthday to you!

Happy birthday dear friend Lori!

Happy birthday to youuuuu!

And many morrrre. :)

Your birthday is exactly three months before mine. Happy 40th, right?! I'll be 41 September 17.

Oh, I thought of you when we had our cable television shut off. lol We requested it be shut off June 2nd. Yea! A relief to have that done. Feels so freeing.

Well, I hope you had a wonderful trip and a wonderful birthday. Love & Hugs, Robin

Julie said...

Happy Birthday!

My husband is in East LA so I am catching up on blog reading.

From last weeks WW ~ How do cats know to give you the evil eye right when the camera is focused on them. I have a ton of photos of my cat like that. I thought perhaps he was going deaf. When I called, he didn't even shut his eyes and turn his head in disdain anymore. But... then right before he flew out of towm, my DH put on the air conditioner. You know that dumb cat that can't hear me? Well, when the AC clicks on, he runs and hangs his head over the air vent. TOO FUNNY. I have been trying to get a photo for a couple of days and each time I end up with just a picture of a grumpy cat.