Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I'm baaaack!

It's hard to believe that the summer's 2/3 over. Well, sort of. Since we curtail but don't eliminate school during the summer, one could argue (and believe me, my girls certainly do) that we don't get a break at all. (Give me a break...just wait until "full-blown school" and tell me you don't get a break during the summer!) Some folks are headed back to work at schools next week, which means that summer will effectively be over for them. It's just a weird thing. I've made a concerted effort to focus on each day and appreciate summer for what it is...life still blazes past. I guess it's an immutable fact of life and something we can't do anything about.

Sunday is our wedding anniversary. I remember back when I thought 3 years was a long time to be married and we've surpassed that by 15. It doesn't bring back all the flurry of preparing a special anniversary dinner, the ceremonial viewing of the wedding video, etc. Mostly, we're just trying to figure out when and how to celebrate the day, given that we probably won't do it on Sunday itself. Still, it's a special day for me and since I'm blathering on, I will blather about that.

I've been assiduously working on a baby gift for my cousin's soon-to-be born son. It's the baby kimino from the Mason-Dixon knitting book. I came close to frogging the whole thing and buying something but I'd told my aunt that I couldn't send anything to the shower earlier because I was making the gift and it wasn't finished. She probably thinks I'm making a quilt, ha! One thing about knitting, you can give hand-made gifts and not have them take months and months to complete. Anyway, last night, I was knitting and reading a murder mystery. I had just finished the front of one side when Doug called up from the basement and scared me half to death. What is it about getting your head in a book that makes it hard to come back to real life? I'm just glad I didn't accidentally jerk the needles out of the bottom when he startled me.

Yesterday, the twins and Sarah and I ran some errands, including picking up a Step 2 sandbox that someone didn't want anymore. It took some wrangling but I finally got it into the van (those suckers are bigger than they look!) and we drove to the vet's office and to the library. (Lucy the Wonder Dog has coccidia, which isn't fatal but is a major pain in the backside. You should see the list of things I have to do to keep this dog healthy.) When we got out at the library, I noticed that the wind was blowing a bit and I grinned widely. I don't know if Sarah thought I was nuts or what. I explained that the hot wind blowing was drying my clothes very well on the line and making them fluffier than usual. It just tickles me to use something that's preexisting to save myself money. I do like the actual action of hanging clothes too. I don't know why but it's soothing to me, but I like saving money more, especially when the outside is much like the inside of my dryer. I'm experimenting today. Last night I hung a load to see if it would dry overnight, despite the possibility of dew. It was in the 80's last night when I was hanging them so I'm imagining that they'll be dry, or at the very least, the dew will evaporate pretty quickly.

Well, Friend Husband is about to leave for work (last week of summer school, yay!) so I'll toddle upstairs and wave him off. Have a great day (and thanks for the well wishes yesterday...they truly brought tears to my eyes)!


Julie@Shanan Trail said...

[and believe me, my girls certainly do] This seems to be a common home school child theme. Marissa has not been schooling this summer because she accepted a job at the neighbors day care. Now, if I was motivated, I could have made up some objectives about child development and had her give examples from her daycare of appropriate developmental behaviors of kids in the day care... and given her actual credit, but I digress because I didn't.

Marissa really only did school during the public schools academic school year. We were at a family rebellion and she told someone (while I was in earshot) that she liked her curriculum okay, but she had to do it everyday. Uh, we have never schooled on the weekend. I do laundry, clean and such... plus church. So, every day Monday through Friday through the entire academic year, she has to do school. Isn't that what the kids going to government school do?

How in the world do you read and knit at the same time. I tried to learn how to knit. I would read the directions, knit 20... look carefully at the yarn (and stick out my tongue that was an extremely important step in keeping my focused) and count off the next 20 stitches. Then I would have to find my place on the pattern again. Pearl 5...

Nic said...

Hi Lori, thanks for dropping by my blog! Do you think people would want it? Seriously? Would people be prepared to pay for it?
I did keep detailed notes of my pattern, but at the moment they're still in the notebook. I've never written up a pattern for anyone else to follow, I'm a wee bit OCD about symmetry and jogless stripes on the inside and such like, so they might be annoying to follow...

However, something to think about.... thank you
I'm going away for a few days, but

Julie in Texas said...

School is about to start here as well. I had planned on doing a modified schedule during the summer, but RacerDad said we needed July off. So what did we do with that month off??? VBS, Youth Baseball World Series, Choir Camp, a cruise and then this week is Sports Camp at church. Quite honestly I am READY for school...we might get a break!

My knitting is pretty much at a standstill. I am trying to knit a facecloth for a swap and have frogged the thing twice already. The sad thing, its not like its a hard pattern.

Take care!