Saturday, August 25, 2007

General grumpiness

I just do not know what my deal is today. Well, I know part of why I'm so grumpy but the rest of it, who knows? Part of it is the heat, which I hate being out in, and the coughing at the end of this cold (it's the end, yay!). A lot of it is because I wasted a bunch of time this morning attempting to shop and finding nothing.
Understand that I was born in 1967. I came of age in the 80's but I vividly remember the 70's. They weren't that great the first time around and I certainly don't admire the way that they've come back, particularly in clothing and male hairstyles.
Young people, we killed the polyesters 25 years ago for your benefit...why have you brought them back? Natural fibers are our friends. Polyester is nasty. Plus it breeds and spawns more and more polyesters which means that it's impossible for me to find the cottons that I like to wear.
What's with all the warm colors in vogue these days? I'm happy for the people who've obviously been waiting for this palette for a while (teal, warm brown, peach, terra cotta) but save a few of the oldies (black, navy, red) for those of us who can't wear warm colors without looking like we've got hepatitis. And I just can't stand the styles. While I like the cute froofy skirts a lot, they make me look even more enormous than I already am so I can't wear them (bummer, they're really cute). But even if I were a skinny little thing, I wouldn't be wearing the spaghetti straps or the Cross-Your-Heart Bra type of dresses. Especially in polyester. Yick.
So that made me extremely cranky this morning. I pulled myself together and got what I'd come to the mall to get (birthday gift for my mil) and left, to go sit with Friend Diane at the farmer's market and shoot the breeze. Man, it was hot. And I have a ginormous headache and want to go to bed. But it's Saturday, which means that I can't waste a single minute of planning or playing time. At least I'll sleep well tonight. And I got to the heel flap of the second of my Whitby socks, so I might actually get them finished for my SAM knit-a-long.
And this has to be one of my more boring posts in life. My apologies. Carry on.


FRIGGA said...

Hey, I wanted to let you know I posted the results from my TT13 Song Q's - it's up at

Oh, and if you want to use the idea - you're more than welcome to anytime. If you let me know I'll even give you some link love!

Jennifer said...

Here's the link to the Blueberry Waffle sock pattern. Enjoy. They are fun and very easy to do. And I've adjusted the pattern for different weight of yarn as well.

Have a great day and Happy Knitting.

TobyBo said...

A loud and resounding AMEN!! from another hater of polyester. Yuck.

I received a polyester shirt last week I need to go exchange tonight. It says it's 60% poly and 40% cotton but it just looks like old classic double knit to me. I figure they must have wrapped the cotton thread in polyester.

I tried it on just to be polite. And when I took it off over my head I think it smelled like formaldehyde. I will take Goodwill clothes over new any day. Especially in cotton, linen, or wool. :)

Julie@Shanan Trail said...

Well, I will concur... and I have enough jeans, t-shirts and skirts to carry me through this mania. I long ago decided that I don't need to wear the latest fashions. So, besides embarrassing my daughter (a plus in my book)... I don't care abour the new style.

Besides, I was pleasantly surprised to find shirts that came past the waistline of the pants and could be worn without three layers. I hated the layered look and hope it never comes back. Since when did a new outfit consist of a 3 not really that cheap but poorly made shirts?