Friday, August 10, 2007

More Mom Food

I'd forgotten about a few things.  My beloved sil reminded me of one of them:  Mom's Christmas fudge.  She used to make that in vast quantities and we'd just eat our way through it.  Yum!  We don't celebrate Christmas, but I do usually make fudge in the winter, just like Mama.

Mom had a period when she was big on grilled sirloin steak and Rice-A-Roni.  To this day, I don't often cook Rice-A-Roni, because I had my lifetime supply of it before I was 18. 

As I was sauteeing zucchini for breakfast this morning, I remembered something else she made with great delight over the summers, a dish she called 'calabacitos'.  Formerly, she'd make yellow squash, sauteed with onions and bell peppers, in butter and oil.  I've misplaced the recipe now, but I think that calabacitos was basically the same thing, only with jalapenos instead of the bells and then it was covered in cheddar or colby cheese and put in a hot oven to brown the cheese when the squash was done.  It was good eating.  I make the standard yellow squash dish (with jalapenos and a combination of butter and olive oil) for Doug several times a summer, because he loves it so, but I rarely make calabacitos because he can't eat cheese.

Well, it's a busy weekend here at the hacienda.  I'm about to take David downtown to Cincinnati Children's Hospital for his twice-annual kidney doctor checkup.  He's been very healthy since last December, so I don't anticipate any problems with that.  This afternoon, we have to get a few things ready for the baby shower that Sherri and I are hosting for the two new babies in the congregation.  Poor Sherri!  I'm sure she thought she was saving herself some trouble when she asked me to help.  Unfortunately, she didn't know that 1) I'm no good at party games (although I did try to tell her) and that 2) I don't go to baby showers.  Well, I do now, and since it doesn't hurt quite so much anymore, this is a good introduction back to that.  I'm hoping to get a little studying in today, for the new school year.  Tomorrow is Whitney's bridal shower, at Danielle's house, in the big middle of the day, so that blows a big chunk of my prep time.  Then Sunday we are scheduled to have lunch with our church friends who live in Indiana.  We used to have lunch with them and the Tony Meltons once a month and when the Meltons moved to Texas, we endeavored to keep up the tradition.  The Watsons are a lovely couple and I enjoy seeing them. 

And while we're driving there, I'll get to make up some lost time on my stupid sock that I had to tink back several rows on last night.  I was avidly listening to a group of homeschool moms talking about something and didn't realize that I'd knitted the right side design on the wrong side of the sock until I was finished with both needles.  I should have left it, but no, I had to attempt to fix it and the whole thing went hideously wrong.  At about 11:30 last night, I finally was able to control the problems and get it back into working order.  Yes, I'm slightly insane, but hey, it makes me the lovely person I am. 

And with that, y'all have a most excellent weekend!

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Gina said...

As I was fixing lunch today I was thinking about your food post yesterday.

I'm with Doug on the meatloaf. I love it! Dave despises it for the same reasons you mentioned. Someday we'll have to all do dinner...Doug and I will have meatloaf and the rest of you can come up with something else.

cakeandcrown said...

My poor little mama didn't cook for flip, I couldn't have come up with 13 things if I'd had to. Swiss steak and fudge and...hmm....

I don't go to baby showers either, bah.

Y'all have a most excellent weekend too!