Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Have mercy

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Man, it's been a day! I don't know why I get off on these wild hairs right before big events or big holidays, but I do. One year I decided it would be the perfect time to paper the kitchen, right before we were having a bunch of people over. At least I'd be assured that I'd get it done, right? Of course right.

Today I had some goals. Too many, I guess, to be honest. I wanted to go to the grocery to get the stuff I needed. Naturally, they were out of pie crust, which I don't need because I know how to make pie crust but I thought it would be fun to not have to. They had everything else I needed, though, so that was good. Sarah took mercy upon me and came with me and the twins. On the way, I dropped off two Freecycle packages (they were on my way, so it was not a big deal). I also planned to go to Sam's and get a veggie tray but never made it there. We will need to stop there tomorrow.

Once I got home and the day was so stinkin' warm, I decided to buck up and mow the grass. It dearly needed it, and it would help with the leaf issues so important to my life this time of year. (For the uninitiated, we have 4 huge old trees-oaks and maples- that drop around a ton of leaves on my front yard every year. Once those are raked up and put in the back to decompose, my neighbors' trees dump. I usually devote 6 weeks of my fall to messing with leaves.) So I mowed the grass. It looks quite nice now and we don't look quite so much like white trash.

After that, I got two more Freecycle packages ready and on the porch swing for pickup, and then decided that it would be the perfect time to pull up my scraggly old garden plants and pick up the weeds and grass from the garden as well. I mean, how often is it 70ยบ F on 11/20? Not too terribly often, in this neck of the woods, let me tell you. I finally gave up on that when it started getting dark and the small people who live in my house were unreasonably demanding dinner.

I got out of taking Roderigo and Harry (the fish) to the fish-sitters because Friend Husband decided he needed a break from his day-long project and took mercy upon me.

What did I not do today? I did not bake pies. Remember yesterday when I said I was going to bake them? It was never a convenient time to do so so I did not. Nor did I do it today. I did it tonight.

Friend Husband took the girls to the library tonight because if you know anything, you know that we can't ever survive a holiday without an adequate supply of new books. While they were gone, I took my pie crust makings out on the front porch and pounded them together while enjoying the lovely night. It was so cool. Then I came in and made 2 pecan pies, one Dutch apple, and the crusts for 2 pumpkin pies. I'll have to do the pumpkin in the morning. I'm pooped. I feel like my body could separate from the waist down at any moment.

Seems like there was something else I was going to say. Oh yes. Happy birthday to my best OLD friend, Ann-Marie, who will probably find some way to get me back for this. Sadly, she is blogless (to my knowledge) so I cannot further perpetuate my mischievous trick by sending you over there to say happy birthday. This will have to suffice. I hope it was a perfect day for you...you deserve it, my friend!

And I hope that all of your Thanksgivings are lovely, that your food is perfect, that the cook doesn't have to do dishes, and that no one gains an ounce from the experience!


Gina said...

We did the library run today too.

What does your wallpaper look like?

I tried to Freecycle but the moron never picked up her stuff. It goes to Goodwill this morning on our way out of town.

Have a wonderful holiday!

Julie@Shanan Trail said...

[and then decided that it would be the perfect time to pull up my scraggly old garden plants] I have a slightly different way fo dealing with those. In the spring when I am putting in my annuals, I pull them and promise myself, this year... I will do this in the fall before it gets to cold. We are definitely experiencing different weather. It hasn't been above 30 all week and we got a dusting of snow on Thanksgiving.

I didn't bake the rolls I was supposed to bring for Thanksgiving until the morning of Thanksgiving. Wednesday, I thought about going to the store for brown and seves, but didn't want to fight the crowd. When my alarm rang at 5 AM to get up and get the dough finished and rising, I wished I had planned better. :o(