Monday, November 19, 2007

What part of 'Muhahahahahahahahahaha' don't you understand?

The girls think we have this week off.  Well, we do have it off from schoolwork, that much is true.  If I have to work, though, so do they.  So today they're going to put away the graded papers that they haven't filed since September.  Then they're going to clean their rooms.  I will grade, do laundry, and then perhaps clean my own room.  How about that?  If I have time, I'm going to start baking pies and bread.

BTW, thanks for the well-wishes about the program.  I found it, of all places, in the trash.  Do you see my eyes rolling?  Honestly, I don't think my novel is so bad that the word processing program has to put itself into the trash to prevent my further use of it.  I wrote all day Saturday.  I think that I wrote about 10,000 words between Friday morning and Saturday evening.  My right arm hurt all the way up to the shoulder.  But I'm at 34,369 words!  Yeehaw!  I need to do some writing this week to stay ahead of the game but after how I felt last week (that would be 'hopelessly behind'), I'm happy to be back in the running.

What else?  Not much, just getting ready for Thanksgiving.  I'm debating whether to attempt to buy a new digital camera before then but I will probably hold off and just use the disposable 35 mm we have left over from camp this summer.  Anyone have any opinions on digital cameras?

Gotta go man the whip.  I'm sure they'll be just delighted to clean their rooms and the schoolroom (not!)  Some days it just doesn't pay to chew through the restraints.

Happy Thanksgiving week!

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Julie@Shanan Trail said...

Lori, You should be ashamed of yourself. Tricking your children in to believing they are not doing school and then making them do family and consumer sciences (previously known as home ec) ~

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!