Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thursday Thirteen # 67

A Double Feature!

Thirteen Things I have done in the last 24 hours


1.  Dealt with the histrionics involved when I forbade my very middlest child to go to her enrichment classes because she was hacking like a 3 pack-a-day smoker.


2.  Nagged said child incessantly to get her schoolwork done.


3.  Cleaned out the gutters in anticipation of precipitation (which never came).


4.  Got stuck up on the roof in the cold darkness because Friend Husband forgot to come get me down and the ladder was too unsteady for me to do it myself.


5.  Worshipped with my brethren at Goshen.


6.  Knitted an awful lot of the back of Dave's sweater while waiting out in the van with the kiddles whilst Friend Husband was solving the problems of the universe with a couple other people back in the church building.


7.  Rebooted the laundry that got off-track earlier in the week.


8.  Cuddled my sickie baby to sleep.  Twice.


9.  Attempted to write a lot of words on my NaNo novel in between all the other stuff I have to do in a day.


10.  Captured my runaway dog who broke through her steel cable and was running amok in the yard.


11.  Clipped said dog's unconscionably long nails while waiting for Friend Husband to show up with her new chain.


12.  Said goodbye to the older lady across the street who is moving back to Oklahoma today and welcomed the new neighbor (next door to where the older lady used to live until this morning) to the 'hood.


13.  Wrote somewhere between 6,000 and 9,000 words to WIN NaNo.  Yay, me!





And because I know you've missed me so much, here are 13 things that I want to do now that NaNo is over:


1.  Bathe.


2.  Sleep.


3.  Eat.  (I had an apple for lunch at 2 PM.  You know I wanna eat!)


4.  Did I mention sleeping?


5.  Clean up the sty that my house has become.


6.  Knit (and celebrate) with Friend Gina.


7.  Kiss all my chillens and the hubber for being so understanding.


8.  Read and comment on blogs again!


9.  Cook.  Actual real food.


10.  Type things that don't have to be periodically word count checked.


11.  Hike and/or exercise.  (Yeah, you know it's bad when I want to exercise.)


12.  Read read read.  I have been so unable to do anything but the basics here for the last month.  And I got a pile of luscious new books on Swedish immigration and settlement in the United States to read.  Not to mention Laurie Perry's book to read.


13.  Continue my geneaology searches.  Just call me Alice, down the Rabbit Hole.

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Nancy J. Bond said...

Congratulations on winning Nano! You've been a busy gal. Sleep! :)

Kate said...

hope that your child gets better and things look up soon.

Linda R. Moore said...

* chuckle * welcome back to the world, after finishing your novel! I did similar things myself, a few days ago.

My TT is up :)

Julie said...

I am so glad someone remembered to get you off the roof!!

[Rebooted the laundry that got off-track earlier in the week]That reminds me... I don't have any clean underwear. Did you know my husband is in Australia? Yes, he is. And... Marissa does her own laundry (apparently I don't do it right). I can't seem to make full loads with just what I wear and I hate wasting the electricity to do just a few things. But I am now in crisis mode.

Congratulations on completing NaNo!!!

Nicholas said...

Most of those are interesting but the word total is simply awesome!