Monday, December 03, 2007

Strange things are afoot at the Circle K

Actually they aren't, but that's sort of the code between Doug and me when we're talking about something that's slightly off for us (which would be horribly off for most people ).

I'm awake at a wretched time of day.  I've got to go do our veggie co-op run this morning.  This involves driving down to downtown Cincinnati, selecting and purchasing loads of food, driving it home and unpacking it.  After that, I break down the boxes into the various baskets that my co-op group has brought by and waiting all day for them to show up.

And so why am I up now?  Because I want to get down there and get back before Friend Husband leaves for work. 

I set my alarm for 4 AM and went to bed at 9.  Not such a big deal, as I was pretty ripped from the weekend anyway.  But the twins kept getting up and creating havoc so it was much later when I finally went to sleep.  Then I had another weird dream that woke me up at 2:30 when I heard some sort of a strange noise outside.  I looked out but couldn't figure out what was making the sound, so I got up.  I finally figured out that it was the wind whipping through the trees.  I guess it was going slower than I'm used to hearing it because they made kind of a machine-like moan, like a big truck does when it's lowering something on a ramp or something.  Weird. 

Anyway, after that, I couldn't sleep so I brewed the coffee and came down here to see if I could catch up on some blog reading. 

It's gonna be a long day.


Secret Agent Mama said...

Hi There! I'm here from Skittle's Heads or Tails! Loved your edition of Tuesday Memes.. :D Hope you enjoyed your coffee.

Andrée said...

omg you do in one day more than I do in a month! I can't believe it. I'm tired now reading it. I hope you give yourself a huge pat on the back and a hearty "well done!". You deserve a lot more!