Saturday, December 08, 2007

Fear and other weirdness

Have I mentioned how much I love Saturdays?  Well, I do.  As Keziah would say, "I just yuv them!"  Friend Husband is a kind and generous being to give me time alone and time to catch up on school stuff.  I'm caught up on laundry and almost caught up on school, after my brief, panicked hiatus during the last week of NaNo.

Friend Husband was on a tear this morning.  Generally speaking, he is the calmest, most reasonable person on the planet.  Very annoying to those of us who aren't, but I've grown to appreciate it after the turmoil of my childhood days.  Today was one of those rare days when he was angry with our slacker children and let them see it.

Abigail and David are our primary slackers and were today.  Abby had a major deficit in her school papers 2 weeks ago and had to spend the entire weekend catching up.  Friend Husband adjured her to not get so far behind again and I attempted to ride her hind end to keep her current.  She still did not finish her work yesterday but since we all wanted to go see the Goshen High School play, we told her that she could finish it this morning.  She attempted again to slack this morning and Dad put his foot down.  There was much whining and puling in the ranks. 

David just didn't want to pick up the Perler beads that he continually spills all over the family room floor.

Friend Husband was quite firm and then even sounded angry with Abby as she continued to push buttons and slither out of her work.  It apparently didn't have a major effect on her, but it freaked me out.  My emotions were saying, "Ack!  He's mad!  It's all my fault!  I have to do better!"  My rational mind was saying, "Um, chill?  You aren't the slacker here."

"Yes I am!"

"No, you're not."

And so on.

It's amazing what your childhood can do to you your whole life.

In other breaking news, I got good mail today!  Woot!  Cousin Gwen finally sent me a copy of her mother's family tree.  Let me 'splain.  Aunt Nina was famous for "being nosy" and putting stuff down in her "family notebook".  When she passed, we all wanted to see what was in the notebook.  She had recorded a great many things of interest to this budding genealogist, dates, names, children, marriage dates, death dates, etc.  I asked Cousin Gwen to please please please send me a copy of this and that was what came in the mail today.  In addition to the tree information, which I had seen before, she sent a copy of "Memories of Mother's Family" and "Memories of Father's Family", which I hadn't yet seen.  Unbelievably cool.  I did the happy dance all the way back down the driveway and was absorbed in the pages as soon as I could get them out of the envelope.  I was interrupted before I could really read the "Memories" parts but I hope to be able to sit down and look at them soon.  (To those of you who are family and read this, this is the Anderson side of my mother's family, not the Carlson side.)

What else?  Went to the play last night, wherein the lovely and talented Rogers girls (Hannah and Elizabeth) played Dr. Jacqueline Hyde and Miss Hope Leslie Trite in Alibis.  That whole troupe did a fabulous job.  It was an enjoyable farce.  Tonight, some of us are going to go back to see Rachel D.'s debut onstage as Miss Trite.  Should be interesting.  I hope to be able to post pictures sometime next week, as I want to get Rachel's before I post them.

Wow, seems like I had piles of things to say but I guess I don't.  Ha...I don't guess that I usually do anyway but that doesn't stop me.  Hope y'all have a lovely weekend!

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baby~amore' said...

Family trees are very interesting especially from an adoption point of view.
I am the opposite to you - my 14 yr is adopted and my twins I gave birth to.
I will stop by again. I am likign you blog. I have a David too.