Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Blah Blah Blog

Why do people blog when they don't really have anything to say?

Ah, not the provocative question it might sound.  I am the person today who doesn't have much to say.  It's been a slow news sort of time here at the hacienda.  I'm thinking a lot about various and sundry but nothing so stunning or wonderful to be written about, really.  Life is not perfect but no one has done anything too awful or funny to be written about.  In short, life is dull.  And that's ok by me.

However.  I know that "my readership" (how arrogant does that sound?) is dwindling, probably because I'm not blogging so often anymore.  And I have told countless people this:  I don't care if all you talk about is your to-do list for the day, because just reading about what you're up to makes me feel closer-friendlier-whatever to you, so don't apologize for doing that.

Be careful what you say to other people because it can come back to bite you.  Hee hee!  So here goes:

What are we doing today?  Well, today is our half-day off because the girls did work ahead of time so that we can go off and have a good time together.  I really want to do something out of the ordinary.  There are two places I've wanted to take the children, Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park and the Ohio Historical Center.  Each of these places would rate a "field trip" designation and the OHC would probably have to be an all-day trip.  I also wanted to wait until we could specifically study some Ohio history so that the girls could know what it is they're looking at so that one is probably a no-go.  I think Pyramid Hill would look stunning in a fresh blanket of snow but it is pretty cold and the girls really really don't like/tolerate the cold and snow as well as I do.  The twins hate it desperately.  So that's a no-go.  Perhaps we should go to the Cincinnati Art Museum.  Then again, that would probably be something the girls would hate and somewhere I'd have to be on constant guard with regard to the twins.  Plus, they're hosting an exhibit of quilts from the Shelburne Museum next month that I'd love to go to and I might save up begging rights for that.

So?  I guess we'll stay home (again) and bake.  Not such a bad thing when it's 19º F out, but I feel like it's a cop-out.

Yesterday, we got to have Friend Gina's Daughter over for a visit.  Actually, she spent Sunday night with us and then spent some of the day.  Bless her little heart, I think we overwhelmed her a bit.  She's a gregarious little thing but when you have tons of children fighting over your presence, it's a little difficult to maintain the level of energy she's used to.  I was thrilled to see Abby having a good time with her, as that's not always the case with Abby.  The twins, of course, fought for their share of her time and attention.  David woke up this morning with her name on his lips and I had to tell her that it would be a long time before we saw her again.  His solution?  "Go to her house, Mama!"  Ah, if life were so easy!

Today is supposed to be a "light" housecleaning day (yes, I'm again attempting to do the housekeeping thing...who knows why I keep flogging myself with it over and over) but since I didn't get the vacuuming done yesterday due to 1) no roller in the vacuum (note to self:  order a new one today, please) and 2) Sarah's recalcitrant math problem that took us 45 minutes to wrestle to an uneasy truce, I didn't get it done.  I need to continue on with the laundry (running out of clean skirts).  I also need to clean the fish tank.  Hooray!  It's finally ok on all tests!  It only took us what, 2 months?  But it needs cleaned and soon.  I bought some more live plants for it.  I just like the live plants so much better than the plastic ones that the girls favor.  They do have an annoying propensity for becoming unplanted, though.  Sort of the story of my life:  get one part of my life organized and right behind me something is coming unglued.

I've got a lot to say for someone with a dull life, huh?

What else?  What else?  I've been enjoying Skype a lot.  I am able to talk to my lovely sil during the day rather than waiting for the rates to go down (and forgetting to call in the process).  I got to chat with Debbie in Malawi on Saturday, a rare treat!  So if you're on Skype, let me know and I'll add you to my list.

Bleah.  There was something else I wanted to say but talking to David drove it completely out.  Oh well, it probably wasn't important anyway.  So go and post about what you're up to today, already!


amy said...

Sounds like you are staying busy! I love checking in on your blog!

Ohio_Momto3boys said...

Could you please teach me how to link things into my blog? Also, what curric do you use? I am thinking about homeschool for Ozzie who will be 5 in July. Kindergarten here is 7 hours a day and he's already read through all their 'practice' work. The teacher is ... unpleasant... so I am thinking we'll do at least one year at home. Any suggestions?

Anonymous said...


Have you seen this? Blogging Without Obligations?

I hereby give you permission to have days where you are uncreative, otherwise occupied or just don't feel like blogging! You have permission to lurk over at my blog if you want to too without feeling even a bit of angst about who commented who last and how long ago was it!

Do you feel better now?