Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Too Funny Not To Share


And also in concert with what I forgot to say earlier, which was about anticipating putting together Rachel's dollhouse.

Abby just came down to tell me that Rachel wanted to start decorating the dollhouse (apparently it's better to decorate prior to putting it together) and she was telling me about a book we took out of the library which discusses making dollhouse goodies out of trash.  That's right, trash.  Now I've made stuff out of castaways before but I've given up on the endeavor over time.  So I said, "Like what?"

"Well, they talked about using champagne tops for something."

"Oh yeah, we have a lot of champagne tops lying around.  I have a whole drawer of them upstairs."  (Note the comment dripping with sarcasm.)

"We do?!"  (Note the response made with great excitement.)

"What do you think?"

"You don't?"


"Oh, well I thought you might have had some from your ancestors."

Imagine if you will, the thoughts rolling through my mind about my Swedish immigrant farmer "ancestors" carefully passing down through the ages a drawerful of champagne tops.  Yeah.  I did laugh.

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msta62 said...

Too funny! :-)
Have a great weekend!