Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Thursday Thirteen # 75

Thirteen Things about our trip to Pyramid Hill

On Monday, we took a field trip to an outdoor sculpture garden,
Pyramid Hill. Since it was supposed to be sunny and warm
(50ºF for a high), I thought it was high time we got out there.
Even though it was supposed to be warm, it wasn't so much, but
we had a lovely time getting all cultured and everything.

Of course, I took many many pictures. I am not going to share
them all today but I will share many. You have been warned.

1. Ok, the idea of going to a "sculpture park" was not high on
my children's list of happy things to do. There was much puling
and griping on the way over there. Once we finally found it and
disembarked, they had more fun. In fact, we got a little giddy
with all the highbrow entertainment. Of course, you can't take
the goof out of my group, so we got some weird and funny pictures
and had a good time. This one was in front of a frozen pond,
before we really started to let our hair down, as it were.

Children in front of iced pond with pillars

Can you see the deer tracks on the snow atop the ice
behind the children?

2. One of our very favorite sculptures (and yes, we did
have favorites), was Dragonfly Dome. It was also one of
the few for which we could actually find a name. Their
map leaves a lot to be desired.

All children in dragonfly sculpture
Children in dragonfly sculpture

3. From there, we examined this blue sculpture. Of
course, Abby climbed right into it. She's a great lover of
art, is our Abby. She likes to get right in the midst of it.

Kez, Abby, & Dave with blue sculpture

(The twins liked it too.)

Twins in blue sculpture

4. In fact, she loves art so much that she decided to kiss
one of the sculptures. Right on the lips.

all children with lips and pillars

I also like this photo because it shows all 5 children in an
atypical way from how they're usually posed.

5. And she just wanted to be a part of art permanently,
so she allowed one of the sculptures to nibble on her.
What a patroness of the arts! All gave some but she gave all.

Abby in mouth of statue

She was also quite willing to sacrifice her sister Rachel. Anything
for art, you know.

Rachel in mouth of statue

6. After the giant lips, we really got into the spirit of the art.
This one was of the girls "shocked" because their brother
"destroyed" an art installation.

Girls looking at pillar in sculpture park

And the picture from yesterday's Wordless Wednesday was
from me "yelling" at him because he tore down the pillars.

7. There were a lot of pieces where we just went .

Kez, David, Rachel with red diamond sculpture

Red sculpture with chain

(I won't even tell you what the girls decided this one
was representing. Suffice it to say that the hair
was way down by then.)

8. I love this picture of the biggest girls.

Rachel & Sarah at pillars

9. We saw many things that I think weren't meant to
be artistic. But when you're an artistic philistine, you
just make your way as best you can. Here was the first
of many piles of artistic deer scat.

Artistic deer scat

We even saw a herd of artistic deer down by one of the
frozen-over they were poetry in motion (
and that's certainly artistic).

10. After we left, I asked the Big Girls what their favorite
sculptures were. Abby's favorite was "nature".

Abby on frozen pond

children on iced over pond

(They actually "skated" on the sort-of frozen pond. Yes, my
heart was in my throat much of the time.)

11. There was one sculpture that I was particularly fascinated
by and hence, I took many many pictures. Which I will now
share with you. Aren't you the lucky one?

Sarah on hill on sculpture

Twins in silver frame

silver towers on turquoise sculpture

Silver pole at turquoise sculpture

cement circle 3

cement circle2

cement circle
12. I also liked this one a lot, although it didn't show up
well in photos. The way it catches the light is great fun.

David with sunlit statue

13. Pyramid Hill is 256 acres of wooded property with
pieces interspersed throughout. Did I mention that we
were the only people in the park on Monday? We certainly
were. Although we did not walk to each and every installation,
we walked to at least half of them. Midway through,
David lay down for a rest. Although he was not saying
this, I chose to caption this, "Enough sculptures already!"

Enough sculpture already

Oh my! Thirteen comments and only halfway through the pictures. Or maybe a third. I sense a sequel coming on, don't you? Happy Thursday!

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MondaythroughSunday said...

#2 looks beautiful! Looks like you had a fun trip..thanks for sharing!

Nicholas said...

Lovely photos. Thank you for sharing.

pussreboots said...

Love the photos. Happy TT.

The Mama Bear said...

Looks like a place I would love to go - the dragonfly sculpture was really neat.
Thanks for the virtual field trip.
My TT is up for the week.

fullbodytransplant said...

Thanks for taking us all along with!!!

Gina said...

I've lived in this city ten years and this is the first I've ever heard of Pyramid Hill. We're such hicks.

Gandalf & Grayson said...

What a marvelous Adventure.

When we were kids we use to go the the Museum of Science and the Museum of Art, and the parks. Kids don't do enough stuff like this anymore. Video games, TV and computers.... Lots of Mom points to you!!

Great TT13.

Gandalf & Grayson's Mom

Chelle Y. said...

It looks like you had a lot of fun!

Natalie said...

Great pictures! It sure looks like the kids got into the fun of it all. :)

She Became a Butterfly said...

what a fun day!!! i wish i could go.


Journeywoman said...

Great pictures. Thanks for sharing.

acceptancewithjoy said...

Wonderful photos! What a cool place to go for art class ~

Dre the Texican said...

1. Love the post
2. Seeing the twins at 3 just gave me a reality check. My almost 2-year old is going to look like a child soon instead of like a baby. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. I need another one.

Hope all is well!