Monday, February 04, 2008

Having a fallow time...

I guess I've been having a fallow time of not blogging so much.  I'm ok with that, but I miss blogging.  It's not that I don't have anything to blog about, it's more that I've got so much on my mind that it's hard to sort it all out and figure out what I want out there in public.

It is supposed to be 60º today.  I'm freezing.  I don't know if there's so much water in the air that it seems cooler than it is or what. 

A dog found us the other day.  We were saying goodbye to Dinah after a sleepover when Rachel announced that a strange dog was in the driveway.  I went out to make sure it was friendly before everybody came out and he ran right up to me, wagging his tail.  He seems to have been cared for, was clean and had a choke chain on, but so far no one's claimed him.  I call him Elof for a joke.  He looks a lot like my great-uncle Luther did at the end of his life with his sweet saggy jowls (the dog, not Luther) but for some reason Elof tickled me more.  (Elof was another great-uncle, brother to Luther.)  I  need to make some more posters to put up in the neighborhood.  Here's a picture of him. 

He's cute but I'm hoping that someone claims him soon.

I was blogging in Friend Leigh's comments section the other day about Rachel's "lambie" and thought I'd drop it in here as a quick Monday Memories.

When Sarah was born and was sick, I bought her a lambskin to sleep on.  Lambskins are supposed to make the baby sleep better, grow faster, etc.  Grow Sarah did, but she didn't take a shine to the lambie (pronounced with the "b" intact) which was fine since we had Rachel two years later.  Rachel, on the other hand, loved lambie with a vigorous passion.

If Rachel was upset, all we'd have to do is hand her the lambie.  She'd rub it on her face, stick her thumb in her mouth, and all was right in her world.  She also liked to rub pieces of lambie between her thumb and index finger and, indeed, eventually pulled lambie to pieces doing so.  We collected the lambie pieces because they were worth their weight in gold.  Nothing but nothing could soothe Rachel like a piece of lambie.  It was a sad day when Rachel was grown up enough that lambie did nothing for her and we threw out the collection of lambie bits that we'd saved.

Once, we dropped something off at Kinko's for Doug.  He went to pick it up hours later and, upon entering the store, saw a piece of lambie that Rachel had dropped when she entered.  He chuckled to himself and related the finding when he got home.  He knew we'd been there.  Lambie was there.

Sarah had her bink (a pacifier or "dummy") and Rachel had lambie.  Abby was just a rabid nurser.  I guess I was her lovey.  I'm not sure that the twins had lovies other than each other but that has always seemed to work for them.  Friend Husband had a blanket with fringes on it (it was called the "fringe-ah" by my mil).  I had a doll that I slept with from the time I was two until I got married.  Sometimes when I'm really upset, I still dig that doll out and sleep with her clutched to my chest.  Lovies are so powerful and special.

What do you remember about your lovey?


Anonymous said...

I am pretty sure you participated in Thursday Thirteen... so your blog hasn't been left untended for very long.

I don't remember having a lovie... but my younger sister carried a blanket covered with a silk pillow case until she was way to old to do such things. When she finally "retired" it because she was getting teased, she wrote it a good-bye letter and insisted my mom put it in her hope chest.

Ohio_Momto3boys said...

I can actually physically remember the feeling of losing a beloved teddy bear at the grocery store. I got another teddy but it just wasn't the same. I couldn't have been very old... that's why I say I FEEL this memory rather than have it tangible in my brain... weird, eh?

I also had a binkie (a dumb dumb) until I was TOO old to have it. Braces were a given.

Katie, who still has security issues but has traded binkies and bears for chocolate and Diet Coke

baby~amore' said...

thanks for visiting me - LOL you can order the twins on board from twinsane - not sure of US postage but almost fits in envelop here.

My twins have each other too - one has the dummy and the other is a rabid nurser.

I don't remember having anything.

Gina said...

Cute dog! I think you just became a two dog family. :-)

Son had a chipmunk and monkey stuffed animal. We left "Mipmunk" in a hotel once. We called the hotel the next day and yes they had found it and would be happy to send it. It arrived COD and cost me $13.

Monkey got dropped out of the car in MI and froze to my parents driveway. He lost his plastic nose in the incident.

Daughter had "beebyes" (aka paci). We had quite a collection of beebyes. Thankfully Ward got an employee discount at Evenflo.

I guess I didn't really have a lovie. I had a doll named Suzie that I really liked though.

The Mama Bear said...

Cute dog, it is better if he is claimed though....easier I think. Though you know he may have found you for a reason, one never knows.

I know how tough it is to decide how much to share and how much not to online, I have been working in online public forums since 1996 when my baby was nursing....I have discovered as long as I am true to myself I have no worries.

We still have their lovies....Nikolaus has a green bunny, Zachary a very ragged teddy named Dak, and Micheyla has a huge Elmo. They are 15, 14 and 11 at least they don't take them out of the house anymore.

Cheer up.
You are never alone. Never.

Leigh said...

Interesting question because I have never given any thought to my own lovie. I never had one. Hmmm...interesting to realize as a grown woman.

amy said...

I read your blog regulary but dont comment enough..Love your stories and that dog is CUTE!

Domestic Spaz said...

I had a little pink and white gingham pillow that got so dirty and dingy that my mom continuously tried to pass new ones off on me. Never worked.

My oldest really didn't have anything but my daughter had an attatchment to a KING SIZE COMFORTER. It was quite a feat to drag it all over the place. We had to convince her to leave it in the car instead of dragging it into stores. My youngest loves Georgie (Curious George), which I actually posted about just the other day.