Thursday, February 28, 2008

Thursday Thirteen # 77

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Thirteen more blog quizzes

Ok, here's the thing. I was going to something more original for my Thursday Thirteen today. I was waylaid this morning but a ferocious pack of wild dogs. Well, that's not exactly what happened. What happened was that Lucy the Wonder Dog and Elof the Foster Dog were barking barking barking at about 5 this morning. I couldn't figure out what they were barking about and finally decided to go out and find out because you never know what's going on and they haven't made a habit of barking before say, 8 in the morning.

It was about 15º F this morning. Roughly. Getting out of my warm bed, it felt like -15. I'll blame it on brain freeze or maybe a brain vacation like Cousin Monica but I wasn't thinking clearly at all. There was nothing of note going on in the garage save a pair of barking dogs but I thought they might need to go to the bathroom and I let Elof out in anticipation of getting Lucy on her leash. See, that was my first mistake. I forgot that you don't let Elof out unless there's food in his bowl. Which there wasn't. So he was off like a shot, sniffed at Balto, the Dog Next Door, then was gone into the frozen tundra. Lucy was, of course, quite miffed that she didn't get to follow so I had to drag her to Elof's line, attach her, then run after Elof.

We have a lot of beautiful, fluffy snow on the ground right now. This is not what I want to be running in at 5 AM while I am wearing my bed slippers crammed into my shoes. These are my nice, knitted, wool bed slippers:

Note that, while they are nice and warm, they have a substantial gape at the top. Not bad when you're in bed but not at all nice when you are running after a young dog in the beautiful fluffy snow. At 5AM. After about the second load of snow that ended up in my slippers, I gave up, put Lucy back in the warm crate (for which she rewarded me by barking the rest of the morning) and went back into the house.

Seeing as it was 5:30 and the alarm was due to go off at 6, I just went downstairs and lost a few games of Scramble waiting for Friend Husband to get up. When the alarm went off, I took my cold self to our bed, told him that Elof had run away, and crawled in.

It was awfully hard to get warm again.

Some unspecified amount of time later, the bedroom door opened and something cold, furry, and dog-smelling was unceremoniously tossed into my bed. Elof had returned and Friend Husband had brought him in so that I wouldn't worry about him any more. It was lovely. It was almost worth the stellar headache that it looks like I'll be living with all day.

So with all of that, I am unable to write anything funny, pithy, or interesting for Thursday Thirteen. I'm sure that this 1) does not surprise my loyal readers and 2) is not a huge hardship to y'all either. Plus I found some really fun ones. So, without further ado, I present the newest of my blog quizzes:

This one was quite addictive, I must say! I didn't get this many countries the first time I took it. Now I know many more countries, especially the ones with 4 or 5 letters. :-)

This was also fun but not as fun as the countries quiz.


Ok, sad to say, but I haven't read this one. I guess I'd better get on it.

I am Fanny Price!

Take the Quiz here!

Yay! The girls are jealous.

What is hogwarts house would you be in?

You are noble and courageous, you put others before yourself and are a true hero at heart.
How do you compare?
Take this test! | Tests from Testriffic


IQ Test Score

Yeah, I can see this, although I'm not too mouthy. I'm more passive-aggressive about my opinion sharing.

Spring Break is coming!

You Are 77% Burned Out

You are very burned out.

You need a huge break from your responsibilities, starting as soon as possible.

And you need this time to reevaluate what you really want out of your life.

Because you're working hard and going no where... and that would burn anyone out!

Big surprise, this one.

You Are 10% Extrovert, 90% Introvert

You avoid people at all costs
You aren't one for social interaction
And you limit your interaction to a select few
Thank goodness for self checkout!


Your Geek Profile:

Academic Geekiness: Highest
Fashion Geekiness: Moderate
Geekiness in Love: Low
Internet Geekiness: Low
Movie Geekiness: Low
SciFi Geekiness: Low
Gamer Geekiness: None
General Geekiness: None
Music Geekiness: None

Seeing as I already do more than one of these jobs, I guess I'm in my proper sphere.

Your Career Personality: Detail-Oriented, Observant, and Hard-Working

Your Ideal Careers:
Family counselor
Independent store owner
Interior decorator
Museum curator
Preschool teacher
Social worker
Stay at home parent

Ok, could be worse...

Your Average American Name Is...
Dorothy Marie Allen

Hard to be impulsive in my line of work.
You Are 30% Impulsive

You're a pretty stable and serious person. You don't take things lightly.

This doesn't mean you can't have fun - you just have fun responsibly.

You definitely have a spontaneous side, but you only let loose when it's appropriate.

Didn't even know that Mia was a German name.

Your German Name is:

Mia Daniela

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Morgan Leigh said...

Cool. I love the Countries and Colors one. :)

The Gal Herself said...

These are terrific! And it's a great idea for a TT. OK if I steal it someday? (Thanks for visiting mine)

MondaythroughSunday said...

OK..I LOVE These things! I have so many of them posted throughout my blog. I do not know why I get such a thrill out of taking all these little quizzes. I may need to go back to school! Great list! There are a few I have not tried..I will have to get on the ball. LOVE your German name..LOL

Greatfullivin said...

I loved your story and I was expecting your TT to end there just with a sorry, which would have been ok with me because your story was so good and filled with humor. Now you have added all these wonderful quizes so I am going to have to hang out for awhile and see just what I am...LOL, Thanks, it was very entertaining!

Noelle said...

Hi, cool list!! I love online quizzes, surveys, and memes!! I did a TT too, it's here:

msta62 said...

Mia comes from Maria. Definitely not German. Daniela - typical Italian name... Who made that quizz?? Think I got part of my brain back yesterday. Don't know if it was much of a change though :-) I certainly don't dare to take the IQ quizz just yet! You aced it! You're the smart cousin!

About your foster dog Elof: Taken from wikipedia "Elof kommer från ett fornnordiskt namn, Elef, som betyder "ensam arvinge"." = Elof comes from old Nordic name Elef meaning "lone heir". There you go!

Tink said...

I have to do them all myself! Great list!
Thanks for visiting my TT trees slideshow.