Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #79

Thirteen of my favorite pictures from last year

I further decided to make them photos that I had not already put on my blog (because, of course, those were probably more my faves but you've already seen them, right?). Of course, most of them will be of the chillens because , well, that's my job, my passion, and my life. Most days anyway. I had a fab idea for a TT yesterday and, of course, it evaporated before I could write it down. ARGH. Oh to the pics.

This is our lovely friend Elizabeth in her turn as Hope Leslie Trite in Alibis last December. Elizabeth is indeed a beautiful girl with much talent and I loved this picture even before I was able to (finally) effectively use red-eye removal on it. Now it's simply ravishing...heh.

I, of course, am bowled over by pictures of cute sleeping children. Especially when they are my cute sleeping twins. It's funny how they like to be together always, even when sleeping.

3. Another sort-of sleeping twin shot. Only one twin and I are sleeping here and Dave decided to be part of the bunch.

4. I think Friend Husband is just as cute as he can be and when he dresses up in his regalia... well. I just swoon. He good-naturedly let me take photos of him in December when he marched yet again in his university's commencement procession. I want to throw in another pic of the back of the regalia because of its tremendously shocking color scheme. Remember, we both graduated from The University of Texas at Interregional at Austin, where the school colors are...wait for it...burnt orange and white. Yick. So, forever, he gets to wear the lovely Longhorn colors on his back when he marches.

Better him than me.

5. I took this picture of David one morning when we were watching a video and talking. That is, I was talking to one of his sisters or someone and when I glanced over at Dave, he had made this tremendous and solid tower with videos. I was so astounded by it that I took his photo next to it. It may not seem like much but when I see this shot, I remember the astonishment that I felt when I saw that he'd done that without blinking an eye. What a little engineer he'll be!

This photo just cracks me up. Most of my friends (ahem, GINA) and family think that Zi is just a perfect angel child always. She isn't, believe me. This is Zi. The following picture was taken about a minute later and was, of course, the one that made it into my blog last year.

7. The following two pictures are of me at Laurel Court, last year. Friend Gina and I just got back from the trip to Laurel Court that happened this year as a result of the friendship of one of my quilting buddies with the owners of the estate. I took many many pictures of the house itself with it palatial appointments, but these are a couple of me pretending to be a pretentious woman of the manor-born. Doesn't sit too well on me, does it? Maybe I should have slapped some makeup on that evening.

Another note is that the lighting in that place was dim at best so I had to do a lot of photo lightening on these. They look a little washed out but that's the best I could do. The first is of me sitting in a throne-like chair in the billiards room. The second is of me on the beautiful staircase. I don't like how the Corinthian orders look in this room, but it's not my house so I don't get a vote. It's neat to visit it but I always feel like I'm leaving a small museum rather than a home.

This is another Zi pic that just cracks me up.

9. I don't know if I already put this picture up but I don't remember having done it. This was from our trip to Florida last year. All of the children are standing in a replica of an eagle's nest.

10. I love me my summer vine-ripened tomatoes. And as an added bonus, the counter was clean for a change.

11. Can you tell that I take a lot of sleeping child photos? Of the five children, Sarah, David, and Keziah were the ones who would be moved when they were sleeping and would sleep anywhere. It was a great and grand blessing.

12. This is the very first picture I took with my new digital camera, of my very own dad, who gave it to me for my birthday.

13. Just because...

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FRIGGA said...

Those were great pictures. The friend is very pretty, and your kids are very cute!! Thanks for sharing! Oh, and I also like the owl, and the tomatos, although for difference reasons 8-)

Happy TT :-)

marcia said...

2 6, 810 oh I lost track i love faces
your dads your sleeping twins the tulip, and my fav food tomatoes good job whenever I go really close an faces I see more than i could have imagined:>

Di said...

Oh, you are making me pine for the wonderful organic tomatoes my neighbor brings me in the summer. I'm all about tomato sandwiches.

The Mama Bear said...

I want a fresh from the garden tomato now, and I loved all of the other pictures and you made them more special with the captions.
Great TT

onangelwings said...

How sweet are those sleeping baby pictures? I do a lot of those also.

Love the Eagle nest picture and those tomatoes looks wonderful.

Thanks for visiting and Happy TT to you.

Gina said...

Well Doug's UT colors brighten up the sea of black gowns!

Cute pictures of the kiddies!

verabear said...

Loved your TT! That tower is something, I appreciate anything my nephews/nieces make :) And Zi's pics, hahaha :)

thanks for sharing!