Friday, July 25, 2008

Busy week

I feel as though my feet have not touched the ground all week. I know they must have but I have definitely been on the go, especially the last two days. I was going to blog yesterday about my "blogversary" (4 years here on Xanga) but I couldn't during the day and by the time it got quiet last night, I was fairly catatonic. So:

Happy blogversary to me!
Happy blogversary to me!
Happy blogversary you nutball!
Happy blogversary to me!

And many moooooooore...

I've made that one public to those of you on Xanga, if you want to go back to 4 years ago yesterday. It was nothing fabulous but it is there because I think it's important to remember beginnings once in a while.

Ok, yesterday was the day we had to go pick up David's tux for Saturday's wedding. The place where the tux was is 45 minutes away (which is better than the hour plus that the other rental place was) so I girded myself for an expedition. We tried the tux on him and he absolutely hated the experience. Sigh. I hope he's not terribly recalcitrant at the wedding but I am not going to put the thing on him until we get to the venue, just to keep him calm as long as possible. I did, however, make him stay in it long enough to snap a picture:

He, of course, makes that goofy look whenever I tell him to smile, but the rest of the picture is ok so I just went with it. When he was trying it on, Keziah kept saying, "Oh David! You're so handsome!" It was cute. I have faith that they will do well what they are supposed to do tomorrow. I have many misgivings about the part that Sarah and Rachel are taking.

They are supposed to be singing while people are being seated. Audience members. I've never heard of anything like that in any of our weddings (we typically don't use instrumental music of any kind in our weddings). The girls have not practiced enough and their voices are not melding well together right now. Sarah is doing a pretty good job although her voice is very low but Rachel is doing all these diva flourishes and "harmony" which sometimes clash utterly with what Sarah is singing. And she throws diva fits when we try to give her any direction. Yes, I'm more than a little peeved at Rachel right now. In a few hours we're supposed to go to the rehearsal and I guess we'll see if they can pull it off. If not, then I guess that will be that.

The mall where David's tux was located is near to the house we lived in when we lived in Kentucky, so I decided to do a drive-by and see what's changed. Not much, although I really don't like what they've done with the landscaping. Oh well, not my yard anymore. Then I went over to our former auto mechanic's digs to see how they were doing. (Yes, we're friends with our auto mechanics, old and new. Ya gotta problem with that?) The receptionist (who is also the owner's daughter), greeted me with a big hug and exclamations of happiness. It was cool. She gave me the unhappy news that her father had had open heart surgery and was not doing well. She also met the twins (they knew we were trying to adopt and I sent them a notice when we did, but we hadn't been down there in years). It was a happy time. We topped it off by surprising Friend Husband in his office and saying howdy. I finally got home somewhere around 3, fairly pooped.

I don't remember what all happened last night, except that I was extremely tired and tried to go to bed early. I knew I was going to have to get up early this morning because there was a Webkinz event that the girls wanted to attend that I thought started at 8. And I thought there would be a big crowd. Eh, thank you for playing the game. After dragging the girls out of bed and driving down there to be there by 7, we discovered that we were the first, second, and third in line. (The first 500 got a special deal.) I had called the day before and found out that they opened at 8, but no one came to open the shop until a few minutes after 8. Then an employee (not the one with the key, mind you) showed up and laughingly told us that the event didn't start until 9. Argh. We drove back home to liberate Sarah from the twin, Friend Husband being on his way to work, and came back to once again be the first, second, and third in line (plus the fourth and fifth!) The children played games, won Webkinz items (including a plush toy for each of them), shopped, and we finally left somewhere around 10.

After dropping Rachel and Abby off at home, the twins and I set out for David's bi-weekly blood draw. We got a nurse we don't usually get, who wanted to put a needle in his vein to get much more blood than they needed for the test. I had to practically throw a hissy to get her to desist from this course of action but she finally agreed to do it the way the other nurse usually does it. She kept saying stuff like, "Does he have a problem with having blood drawn?" and "Look at how good a vein you have in your arm!" I'm thinking, "Yeah, most people would prefer a small incision on a finger to a big ol' honkin' needle in their elbow," and "Yeah, and look what meaty fingers he has too!" Anyway, it took all of about 5 minutes when she finally got down to business and we were outta there.

We made a Sam's run after that (and two different runs to the restroom therein) and I was planning to also go to the grocery but the twins' antics were wearing thin and we had to get ready for the rehearsal tonight. I think I will be relieved when this weekend is over.

Oh, I remember what else I was going to mention. When we were talking about wedding songs yesterday, I was trying to convince them to learn We've Only Just Begun by The Carpenters. We had it sung at our wedding and it was so beautifully done and such a perfect song for a wedding (also a very easy song and written for an alto, which our stronger singer of the duo is). They couldn't get their heads around it, so I dug out our old wedding video and we all watched pieces of it here and there and just ooohed and aaaahed. How very young we were! Man, just looking at that, I feel immeasurably older. Since they only sang a small part of the song during the ceremony, I dug up an old Carpenters video of them doing that song. I was reminded of how unbelievably pure and gorgeous Karen Carpenter's voice was. Have mercy! So here, for your listening enjoyment, is the video that we watched yesterday. Rag on the clothes or the video quality if you must (do you ever wonder what cool clothing-of-the-moment our children will be scoffing at in future years?) but enjoy the song.

And have a fabulous Friday!


acceptancewithjoy said...

[Does he have a problem with having blood drawn?]

Beverly has been needing frequent blood draws too. And, she had to have that liver biopsy under general anesthesia. The preop nurse called me at home to get her history. "Has Beverly been exposed to any communicable diseases?" Uh, she is having a liver biopsy because she has hepatitis. I guess that is yes... "Any other communicable diseases?" Uh, she lived in an orphanage in Haiti for 3 years. I would suspect she has been exposed to every communicable disease known to man. "Family history?" Her father died at 23. "From what." He just got sick and died. "They didn't take him to the doctor?" At which time I wanted to say, "You don't know alot about poverty and third world countries do you? Do you watch the news? The people in Haiti can't afford to buy rice; they eat cookies made of dirt, lard and salt. No, he didn't go to the doctor." But, I just said no.


"Does she have any other mental illnesses besides an anxiety disorder?" She doesn't have an anxiety disorder. "Why would it be on her chart?" Uh, because she hates going to the doctor because you always poke her. She doesn't like pokes.

Debbie (stringofpurls) said...

I will pray for the wedding! And for you and the kids!
No matter what it will all make a good blog post someday!