Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Up and down and all around...

Before I proceed with this post, I must say this: Firefox totally rocks! Our power went out again, just as I was finishing this post and I thought the whole thing was dead and gone. I was going to post something like this: "Gak! My post was eaten by the Internet...too demoralized to regroup and continue." But. When I logged back on again and was given the option to restore my previous tabs & windows, it did so. I didn't think it would also reproduce the post, but it did. Huzzah for Firefox!

We now return you to your previously written post.

I was just fit to be tied yesterday. David made it a difficult day, although I don't think he was being malicious about it. He just continually went from mischief to mischief. To wit:

  • He threw a sopping wet set of pjs down the laundry chute, which got all the rest of the clothes wet.
  • He took the pool testing chemicals out of the kit and dumped almost all of one into the pool.
  • He got into the pool after being told to get out.
  • He found some day-glo orange paint and dripped it throughout the house.

And those are just the major naughty things he did yesterday. I was so proud of myself for finishing my housework ahead of schedule, then I spent the rest of the day cleaning up after or disciplining my son. I was not happy, to say the least.

Then, when Friend Husband came home from work, he brought me an early anniversary gift:

As explanation for those of you who have not been reading that long or for those who've forgotten, I just love the Adamses. I started with a major obsession on Abigail and, after some period of time, developed an appreciation for the whole family. I had been thinking that I needed to see if our library had this, but hadn't thought about it when I was actually online. And there it was.

I have the best hubby!

So, after a tasty dinner of broccoli-cauliflower salad and red lentil curry, we settled down to watch. It was very well-done, I thought. After the initial uncertainty about whether the actors would merge well with my thoughts about John and Abigail Adams, I really enjoyed their portrayals. I will point out (as did Friend Connie) that there is a brief scene of full frontal male nudity during the tar and feathering scene and there are some curse words as well (which we did not hear because of our TV Guardian). Anyway, I look forward to savoring the rest of the miniseries in nights ahead.

I went to bed early last night (well, before midnight) because we'd been staying up so late. It's a good thing I did because a serious storm came through at about 2 AM, waking me and the twins up. When the power went off, they totally freaked and it took a long time to calm them down and get them to sleep. Not a happy time. I have a major crick in my neck from trying to sleep with them last night, with them crawling all over me.

When I finally got up this morning (after the twins), they hauled me outside to see the damage. I tried to take a picture, but it didn't come out well. Two big trees got blown over in neighbors' yards and big branches down in others. Our yard is a mass of branches small and large. In fact, we had to clear a path in the driveway this morning so Friend Husband could get out to go to work. It sounds as though there is another storm that is supposed to come through this afternoon. Should be interesting.

This picture is of the two trees that are down in the next-door neighbor's yard and the yard next to theirs.

And finally, I forgot to mention that Sarah got her braces off last week. Here is a picture of her, since most of you won't be able to go over to her Xanga site and see her actual post (if you can, please go congratulate her.) Two and a half years is a long time to wear braces, but she did a great job and we're getting used to seeing her teeth again.

Sarah, in 2005, pre-glasses and pre-braces

Sarah last week

Have a lovely Tuesday!


Gina said...

Congratulations Sarah! You look great!

We didn't get any damage but the storms jarred us right out of bed.

Leigh said...

I envy her and how often does a 39 year old woman say that. I'll barely make it to one year in these braces, no matter what the ortho tells me. I can do that as an adult. Her teeth look gorgeous!!! I hope mine look even half as good as her lovely smile.

acceptancewithjoy said...

Congratulations Sarah! You look simply marvelous ~

And, there must be something about those Davids. Mine doesn't know how to behave well either.