Tuesday, July 15, 2008

If thy right foot offend thee...

My right foot has been very offensive of late. Or perhaps it's just that the owner of said foot is a major klutz and it's taking the brunt of it. Either way, whenever anything happens lately, it seems to happen to my right foot. Well, except when I slipped and fell Sunday and that involved my whole body (my neck and back are much better, thanks for the well wishes).

So, I mentioned the friction burn I got atop my foot when I fell on Sunday. It developed a blister, which then burst. Pretty nasty. Of course, since it's at the highest part of my foot, every pair of shoes that I own rubs across it. Even bandages don't help. It's better today but I was certainly cripping along yesterday. I should have taken that for a sign and not been out mucking out my yard.

I have a lot of weedy gardens right now, since I've been trying to get my vegetable garden under control. So I ventured out to the herb garden and behind the Dead Presidents Rose Garden to hack out the weeds that were so audaciously attempting to overtake the side yard. It was here, where people have been putting in a gas line so that we can have heat this winter, that I stepped on a nail.

I'm here to tell you that Crocs are nothing against nails. Especially the sharp, rusty ones. Man did that hurt! I pulled it out of my foot and set it (and the piece of wood in which it was embedded) aside. David came over, all concerned, and took me to the bathroom where I washed it, poured peroxide over it, then bandaged it with Neosporin. It felt better but I was still trying to figure out when I had my last tetanus shot. I gave up and called my doctor.

Turns out that I was not the only person who stepped on a nail Monday morning. According to the receptionist who answered my question, I was the third person who'd called requesting shot records for tetanus due to stepping on a nail. Then she said, "Oh, and all three of you got your shots at the same time." I didn't get that (I thought she was talking about 3 in my family and I'm the only one in our family who goes to that practice) and when she repeated it, she said that all three of us klutzes had gotten our tetanus boosters in July of 2004. Ok, so I'm set. I'm limping (the nail came in right at the base of my big toe) but I'm set.

That is, until I stepped on the water hose and twisted my ankle. Guess which one? You got it, the right one. I don't think I'll cut it off but I'm not sure I'll go outside until all the various problems heal up either.

Well, off to find out what the children are doing. We went down to Lexington today to pick up 2 of my brother's 3 girls for a short visit. At least I didn't go out into the yard today and break my foot clean off. I'm sure that would have been the natural progression.


msta62 said...

Ah L, you need some serious R&R on our porch on the sunbed, a good book or five, some watermelon&bluberries on the side to nib on and absolutely NO working in the yard for at least a month. So there! Prescribed by Dr Cousin-Swede! Take care!

Gina said...

Ow! What a coincidence on the tetanus shot though. What are the chances on that happening with three strangers?

Anonymous said...

We can hobble together then. Apparently my left foot has fallen victim to my weight and 'flip flop syndrome'

Today has been such a yicky day full stop (paperwork mishaps, etc) that I think I'll get off my foot altogether, marking the first day in the history of the world I'm praising God for not sending me another baby on top of all of this! Naptime!

Your cuz. (In case I get down to the logging in and still can't remember my password.