Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Less wordy Wednesday

First, here are the pictures as promised.

The top one is the yummy beets and lettuce that I pulled out of the garden yesterday.  Friend Husband and I love roasted beets, so those will be yummy and the greens I cut up and freeze for gumbo.  Excellent and healthy too.  Pretty soon I'll be harvesting part of the Swiss chard that I grow pretty much exclusively for gumbo use.  A few summers ago I used to cook it as a side dish but no one was thrilled about it (except for me) so I just freeze it now.

The second picture is of me in my sun getup.  This outfit embarrasses Rachel no end.  But, as noted, the hat keeps the sun off my face and the shirt keeps it off my arms.  I also wear sunglasses but those weren't on for obvious reasons.  This was right before I went out and finished weeding the tomatoes, which I described yesterday.  The heat index was 93º F (about 34º C for those of you on metric).  I'm sure my face was as red as the beets when I came back in.

The third picture is of me this morning, after I got caught in the rain while picking peas.  (That's what I'm holding rolled up in my shirt front.)  I was already pretty soaked (you should have seen the back side of me) so I just finished pulling up the pea plants and a few other weeds that ticked me off.  I don't know how the weeds get so out of hand.  There have only been a couple of days that I haven't gone outside to weed and it feels like a losing battle.  I've got to get to my other gardens sometime but I sure don't know when I'll be able to.

Ok, gotta go feed the little people (and myself) so I'll close here, abruptly.  I hope y'all have a swell day!

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Anonymous said...

I embarrass Marissa with some of my sun repellant outfits too. However, she is pretty quiet about the whole thing. Last year Ron was traveling when I had to have a few moles biopsied. Marissa had to change my dressing. Ron was traveling when I had to go back and have more tissue removed because the biopsies came back abnormal and the edges of the biopsy were not "clean." I am pretty careful in the sun.