Friday, July 11, 2008

Thursday Thirteen # 83

Thirteen Things I did yesterday (which was actually Thursday)

Yes, I know I'm stretching, but I figured I'd better get back into the Thursday Thirteen habit again. So here goes:

1. Planned but did not go to the gym. The girls had too much to do for me to feel that I could reasonably ask them to watch the twins and I slept through the morning alarm.

2. 2. Did an impromptu nature study with the twins (and Abby, inadvertantly). We have scores of mushrooms in the front yard and we spent time looking at them (and telling David NOT to eat them again). Then I took one bigger one from the yard and we dissected it on the driveway. To my surprise, there were little worms in the stem. When I looked them up, I found that they were some sort of fungus gnat maggot. Lovely! I feel so earthy all of a sudden.

3. Took Sarah to the orthodontist for a checkup, then went to the market. David chose a sticky eyeball toy at the ortho, which he proceeded to destroy as we went through the store. Gross.

4. Planned to have BLTs for dinner.

5. Friend Husband decided that we should take advantage of Rachel's desire to babysit and go out to eat so we went out to have Mexican food, which was wonderful.

6. Attempted to do math with a daughter who was, at the time, in the pool (her brilliant idea, not mine). (No, it was not a successful attempt.)

7. Contemplated when I would be able to take the animals to the vet for their annual checkups.

8. Read a hilarious book that Hannah recommended to me. Letters from a Nut is a collection of letters written by a man to various businesses, government entities, etc. and their responses to them. Naturally, they all had some odd observation or request but sometimes the responses to them were even more hilarious than the letters that Ted Nancy wrote. Or allegedly wrote. Sometimes I'm not certain that that's an actual person, but they were funny letters anyway.

9. Helped Sarah with her math. She is now finished with her math book! Yay!

10. Failed to reread the chapter on Ancient Chinese Civilization so I could write Sarah's test. Bad homeschool mother!

11. Mopped the floor or part of it 6 times before midnight. No, I was not particularly happy about this.

12. Washed the walls of the hallway. (Aren't you proud of me, Gina?)

13. After dinner out with Friend Husband, we went out into the vegetable garden to pull weeds along the trellis that used to hold peas. It was wonderful, peaceful, and I sure appreciated the help with weeding! Abby came out and gave us a lecture on what's romantic to do on a date (and going to the library and pulling weeds weren't on the list!). I asked her where she got her information and she said, "From movies and books. And also from Rachel." I informed her that I thought that pulling weeds was an exceptionally romantic thing to do and she rolled her eyes and left us to it. Ha.
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Monday through Sunday said...

We have off white tile in our kitchen /dining room...I hate mopping! :)

Gina said...

I didn't get the hallway done yesterday. It may or may not happen today. I'm having motivational problems.

Random Ramblings said...

such a detailed list!

i suddenly craved for a BLT! =)

hope you can drop by and check my TT for this week: my favorite tv shows in the 80s

Tuppence said...

Maggots and sticky eyeballs--what could be more fun than that?

I've got to check out that Letters From A Nut book. It sounds great.