Friday, September 26, 2008


It's been an interesting week. 

I feel like I should just stop there.  I have, of course, been blogging in my head all week but it doesn't seem relevant to talk about stuff now.  Go figure.  But I'll shuffle along and y'all can decide what you want to do about it.

Monday, Sarah's cold/allergies/congestion continued unabated.  It sounded like a good time to do a frog dissection!  So we did.  In my inestimable style, I named it 'Freddie', which Sarah found unfortunate.  I would croon to Freddie and tell him he was a beautiful frog (he was, albeit the skinniest frog I've ever seen) and Sarah would just beg me not to.  Over the course of a couple of days, we got the job done.  And, to our surprise, this guy had all of his parts!  Sarah was sort of worried that it would be a repeat of the perch dissection (ie, a waste of time).  It was interesting.

Here's Freddie...doesn't it look as though he's glaring?

Alas, Freddie was not a prince:

(Yes, she was dissecting in her gown & bathrobe.  She went back to bed afterward.)

We decided that I would be the lab partner who did the cutting and she would be the one who would do the writing.  Here's a picture of me attempting to cut open the frog.

Yes, we are dissecting outside (more light, less smell) on a plastic plate.  We have, um, temporarily misplaced our dissecting tray.

I was geeking out about how beautiful the frog was.  He was just beautiful.  Sarah thought he was beautiful but wanted to get on with the show.

Of course, being a home educating mother, I can't resist the teachable moment.  Not only the twins, but the neighbor boys and their mother got a lecture on frog anatomy and physiology.

What else?  Oh, I've gotten a bee in my bonnet about reading my most favorite book again.  Our trip to Yellow Springs a couple of weeks ago took us through Xenia, which is where the author lived for much of her life.  I reallly reallly want to go to Eden Hall, which is the house she used for a model for Sally Rausch's house.  I'm contemplating how I could manage such a thing.  In the meantime, I'll reread Ladies and dream.

And now I'm back upstairs to finish up our potato soup, salad, and deviled eggs.  FH should be home very soon and will probably be ravenous.  Sorry so short!

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janet said...

Hey Lori, Cool dissecting!

Good point about doing so outside.

Hey, I have a quick meme for ya over at my site.

Blessings, Janet