Sunday, October 05, 2008

Isn't he beautiful?

Every year, I have to send reports back to Ethiopia regarding the twins.  They must include color photos and they must also include certain kinds of photos, one of which is a head and shoulders shot of the child in question.  After searching and not finding an adeq uate one of David, I went out back to corral him for a shot.  After some goofing off, this is what we came up with:

Isn't he just a beautiful boy? 

That is about the best thing I can say about my life recently.  I've really just been too down to write anything remotely reasonable, so I haven't written at all.  And the father of Friend Husband (and father's wife) are coming tomorrow to spend a few days with us, so we've been busy mucking out the house.  It actually looks better than usual.  I've tackled a few "stacks" where things have been put for literally years.  Sad but true.  And I'm waiting for my yarn to come in from KnitPicks so I can (finally) finish the Hedera socks and start Friend Husband's sweater.

We're trying to think of some place to take the Grandparents to keep them busy on Tuesday.  They require entertaining and prefer to be doing it actively (rather than sitting around talking, as we prefer to do).  I had planned to take them to the sculpture park.  I thought that we had a good time there when we went last (the children and I) and there's certainly plenty to do and plenty of space in which to do it.  Unfortunately, the girls are not too het up about that idea.  So we're looking for something active and interesting where I can pull David around in a wagon (more on that later).  Zoo's out (we've been there) and so is the Nature Center, for the same reason.  I've thought about the Art Museum (not very twin-friendly) and Young's Jersey Farm (what else is there to do besides eat ice cream?) but nothing appeals.  And, no, not the Creation Museum.  They are secular humanists and think that we're total idiots for believing in God, the Bible, and especially salvation through Christ.

Also on Tuesday, in the but-early part of the morning, I have to take Dave in to get his teeth filled.  Remember our last episode trying to get him to let them do the fillings?  They're going to have to knock him out to do it, hence the relative inactivity for the rest of Tuesday.  It's going to be a very long day.

So, if I disappear over the next few days, it's either because I'm depressed or too busy entertaining my in-laws.  Carry on.


Gina said...

Yes indeed he is a handsome little man. He looks so grown up.

Ohio_Momto3boys said...

That boy is cute as a bug!

acceptancewithjoy said...

He looks so perfectly innocent! I bet he looks way different when he is moving. ;o)

janet said...

He IS a beautiful boy...what a sweet photo.