Tuesday, October 07, 2008

D. None of the above

Well, my father-in-law made it easy for me today.  When we were talking about what to do today, he said, "Whatever else we do, we want to take the kids shopping at the mall."  O-kay.  Well, since that pretty much precluded everything but going to the local pumpkin place, the decision was made.  We shopped.  And shopped.  And dropped and shopped some more.  Two of my girls want to look at every option available before they decide on what they want.  They took the most time.  Sarah and Keziah knew precisely what they wanted:  books and clothes, respectively.  David was totally overcome by the choices at KayBee toys.  As the seconds were ticking away (I'd finally told him he had 5 minutes to choose and we were out of there), he finally decided on some sort of army tank or something.  A big truck-like thing.  Now the Grandparents and the Big Girls are off at the pumpkin place and the twins are upstairs asleep.  The day took a lot out of them.

David's procedure went well this morning.  The dentist has a very fun waiting room...I think the parents have as much fun as the children.  It's scary though.  Here's where I found David after I'd registered him in.

Note the posture, slumped back in the chair, and the glazed expression.  It didn't take him long to get into the whole gaming thing, did it?

You know, it was only a few hours at the mall but for some reason it felt like more.  Coulda been because I had to pull David around in a wagon all day.  Why would that be?  Because of his dental work in the morning (getting put into lala land), he was not supposed to be having any activity today.  And the dentist said, "Good luck with that one!"  I knew I didn't want to keep the twins at home while everybody had a good time at the mall with the Grandparents, so that was my next option.  It worked fine, until the end of the afternoon, when everyone was tired and cranky and tired of being around each other.  After the shopping, the girls asked the Grandparents to take them to the pumpkin patch while I took the twins home.  This is what I saw when we got home.

Note that he is still clutching the toy through the hole in the plastic.  I put them into my bed with the fan on, hoping they'd stay asleep for a while longer, which they did.  Unfortunately, the Grandparents and the Big Girls came home too soon for me to be able to squeeze in a nap as well.  Grandpa came home and conked out on the porch swing, which became a little too tenuous for him.  This is where we found him next.

Anyway, I've been writing this all day long and it's finally time for Mom to go to bed!  Yahoo!  I leave you with video of the girls (and then David) singing the Mom Song that was made so popular by Anita Renfroe.  (The camera decided to cut out a bit of the end, so it's in two segments.)  Mwah!


Gina said...

Anita Renfroe came to CCM last night. Sadly I couldn't go because of my class.

Ohio_Momto3boys said...

That is a RIOT! My boys and I loved your version :-)

acceptancewithjoy said...

I just get all tingly inside when I look in the back seat and see two sleeping children! Knowing I will have a couple of hours to myself is more than adequate compensation for hauling two 40-pounds of dead weight into the house.

How in the world did your children learn the words to that song...