Friday, October 10, 2008

I forgot my title

I do believe that I have no ability to think anymore.

I do, however, have good news.  And pictures.  So no one should miss my lack of brain power today.  I let Doug take the brain cell we share to work today. 

Ok, the Grandparents are gone and we all survived but it took all of us a couple of days to rest up.  Big news here:  Rachel got the female lead in the play.  Which would be just swell if she'd actually keep current in her work.  Working on that.

The twins and I had an adventure today.  First, we went to Friend Gina's to pick up a yarn swift so that I can wind into balls all the yarn for Friend Husband's sweater.  Had big fun there.  Then we went to Shaw Farms to play on their fall "toys" and take pumpkin pictures.

Being eaten by the croc...I told them to act scared and this was what they could muster.

This one's for Aunt Amber.

Twins in jail...yeah, we won't even go there.

I finished my Hedera socks this morning!  Hurrah!  Sadly, one of them came unwound at the toe when I wore them this morning.  Grrrr....Those are the socks that just do not want to be finished.  They'll be finished if I have to sew them shut with my sewing machine...and don't think I won't either.  Of course, they came apart before I could get a photo of them, so no joy there.

Ok, sorry, gotta run.  My tyranical 9-year-old needs the computer wicked bad.

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Anonymous said...

I love the photo of the twins in the pumpkins...

And, I have a tyranical 5-year-old that demands computer time too. So annoying.

Right now she is asking her Dad, "What's your problem? Listen to me!" So, I am safe.