Saturday, November 22, 2008

More NaNo (because you can just never get enough)


Ruthie was next. Ruth was the child who most closely resembled Affinity

and pain arose fresh and searing in her chest as she peered at her

daughter. For a moment, her image was blurred until the tears made their

tracks down her cheeks, dropping with an audible plop onto the hideous

stainless steel table that held her child.

Ruth was a funny child. Upon her birth, she was placed on Affinity's soft belly.

She looked for all the world like a furry Buddha and the disappointed look

she gave her mother both amused and pained Affinity. Affinity teased Ruth

about it from time to time but Ruth had not yet reached the age where she

could appreciate the irony of a newly born babe with such a disgruntled

response to her mother.

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