Sunday, November 23, 2008

Hey look! It's more NaNo news!

Because I have no life anymore. Actually, my life consists of taking care of puking children and rapidly typing things into the computer, hoping they make sense, and hoping that I am not puking tomorrow myself.


As she made her way up to the front row of chairs, Affinity congratulated herself on finding a location that was not only beautiful but airy. As silly as it seemed, she thought she would have better fortune keeping her wits about her with fresh air involved. Plus it would give her more to look at when her mind started wandering, not that she wanted it to necessarily, but she felt that it would probably happen. Affinity would much rather have the beauties of nature to contemplate than the shiny and squeaky clean interior of a funeral home. And just maybe people wouldn't be staring at her to see how she was holding up when there was the gorgeous sparkling "lake" (really a largish pond) or the autumn hung trees to contemplate. Affinity shook her head at herself, telling herself that it was not a good plan to be attempting to divert attention from herself today. In the next instant, she recognized that anything that got her through the day intact was going to be just fine, in her new frame of mind. She refused to question whether that was a good thing.

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Gina said...

Ewww how many are puking?