Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Not really Wordless Wednesday

And I will point out to my extended family (and friends from high school) that, yes, I sound like a Yankee.  I've lived away from Texas half my life.  It is what it is.


Gina said...

This Yankee detected a "ya'll" in there so you haven't completely lost TX.

Who knew reading aloud was a contact sport?

Ohio_Momto3boys said...

just like you were taping my own home... how hilarious!

I detected a HINT of Texas drawl and a hint of Cinci twang but yes, you are thoroughly Yankee

Kelly said...

I want to know how the story ends!!! Cute! They are very normal kids, with all the wiggling they do!

Anonymous said...

I like that David! (My David)

You sound a little like a Tex-ee or a Yank-an. It is fun to "meet" you and to be able to witness your personality.

Robin B. in Kentucky said...

This was so much fun to watch, Lori! We three had great fun watching it.