Thursday, November 06, 2008

Thursday Thirteen # 86

Thirteen Things I did today

And here I thought I was all finished with Thursday Thirteen.  Ah well, some habits take time to break.  Tomorrow is supposed to be rainy and cold so I knew I had to do a bunch of outside stuff to get ready for fall/winter/rain.  Here are some of them.

1.  Well, this wasn't outside, but I went to Curves to workout and to celebrate Friend Hazel's 1000th workout with Curves.  She wants you all to know that she's 74, not 73.  Now you do.  (Her picture was in the last post.)

2.  Ran some clothes through the wash and hand-scrubbed the knees of my son's khaki dress pants (3 pair) because they all look like he's an urchin child who plays in the gutters.

3.  Climbed up on the roof to get Abby's plane.  They made airplanes in Mad Science yesterday, propelled by rubber bands.  She shot hers high into the air and onto the roof.  After I threw it off the roof, she got it stuck in a tree.  I told her she was on her own.  I ain't climbing no huge old oak tree.

4.  Seeing as I was up on the roof already and our gutters were full of fallen leaves and the rain was supposed to come tonight, I cleaned out gutters.  Abby took pictures but I forgot to bring the camera downstairs and I'm too tired to go upstairs to get it.

5.  Closed the ladder on my left index finger.  And almost closed it on David's head.  He gave me a wide berth after that.  I told him it was a bad plan to put his head into the ladder when I was closing it.

6.  Cleaned the grill in preparation for covering it.  For the rain tonight, ya know.  Am I beginning to sound like I'm from southern California?

7.  Washed Lucy the Wonder Dog.  She was not appreciative.

8.  Got soaked from the waist down washing the dog.  I was also not appreciative.

9.  The dog showed her displeasure by breaking her chain and running away.  One of the new neighbors gave chase as I stood there debating whether I wanted to or not.  About the time I decided to (she has tags on, so the dog warden would track us down anyway), she started running back to the house.  I tempted her with a t-bone and finally caught her.  And thanked the neighbor who chased her when I couldn't (my Crocs were totally wet and slippery).

10.  Pulled weeds in the garden.  In preparation for the weather change and rain.  Ha haa.  Because after the rain soaks in a little, I can till up the garden and be done with it until March.  Unless I decide to plant garlic.

11.  Pulled tomato cages up and also a few tomato plants.  Ate my broccoli crop and found it bitter and lacking (it didn't do well and only amounted to a few little trees).

12.  Met the insurance agent at his satellite office to sign my life insurance papers.  I can croak now.  Friend Husband has money to hire help.

13.  Knit about an inch and a half on Friend Husband's sweater.  I still love the yarn, I really love the pattern.

And now I am very tired.  I need to get something organized for dinner.  I need to read spelling words to Miss Abigail.  I need to shower.  Guess which of those will get done?  And I'm still lost on my NaNo novel while friends and my daughter are steaming ahead full-speed.  Bleah.
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My expressions LIVE said...

Ok now your making me feel guilty for not getting anything accomplished today!

Eaton Bennett said...

Great TT, had me smiling all the way.
Sounds like the kind of days to be had by most mums. I noticed you have Australia's Edna Everage on your side bar, that really made me smile.
No wonder you took out personal insurance, roof tops and dangerous ladders are a bit of a worry! :)

Eaton Bennett said...

Great TT! You made me smile the whole way through. A typical day in the life of a mum. No wonder you took out personal insurance, roof climbing and ladders can be dangerous. I noticed Edna Everage on your side bar, that made me chuckle, did not expect to find that Aussie icon here. :)

Celticlibrarian said...

Don't feel too bad. I'm only on page two of my NaNoWriMo WIP.

FickleMinded said...

i always have to do the #2 with my first grader pants and i have to ask him all the time how he got it!

Anonymous said...

My you work hard. I got a chuckle out of Number 12. You are too funny.

Did you get your NaNoWriMo done today too? If you did, I am really very impressed. Either you are way more creative than I am or you don't sleep.

Kara said...

Wow! What a productive day! Hope you're resting now and I'm wishing you some writing inspiration for tomorrow.

Lori said...

Wow...I got tired just reading your list. Happy late TT. Thanks for stopping by:)