Saturday, December 27, 2008


Here are a few random photos before I get to the meat of my post.  If one could ever be said to be meaty.  Which they aren't, but we'll pretend because we're nice that way.

This is what we did yesterday:

I made Almond Kisses out of one of the Hannah Swensen murder mysteries.  I didn't like them much but Friend Husband and the kiddles did.  Maybe my taste buds are out of whack from my cold/sinus infection.

We attempted to play Yahtzee.  You see what happens when we attempt to play games when the twins are still up.

And we had pigs in a blanket for dinner.  Oh.  My.  Word.  I'm sure that I've gotten my week's allotment of salt in one night.  The twins had a good time helping me make them.

This is where Lucy spent our weekend away...with her sister Ethel.  She did have a good time, according to Friend Priscilla, but I guess she was ready to go when I came to get her.

And here is what I was doing this morning:  putting the new pictures of the children in their frames.  In the process, I took out the old pictures and laid them out so I could admire how gorgeous they were/are.  And here they are so you can do the same.

I've got to run, natch.  Hope y'all have a good weekend!

I've always said that Abby has a demon seed expression on her face every time Mrs. Owens takes her picture.  Mrs. Owens didn't take the last one...can you tell?

And here's all five of them, hanging up in the hallway outside our bedroom.  (Yes, I know there's a blast of light in the middle of Abby's...I'm in a hurry, peoples!)

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acceptancewithjoy said...

Love the photos of the kids... and love the color you put on your wall!