Tuesday, December 23, 2008

More of what I've been up to

Yes, thank you all for noticing that I acquired another child in the last series of pictures. He is actually not mine, but we see him a lot. He is Neighbor Boy, to whom I've earlier referred. He is six and the twins adore him. David did not adore him enough to miss out on rolling dough with Mom, though, so he invited NB in to help.

Please also notice that the boys are wearing warm weather gear. That day we got up to something like 65ºF. It was quite balmy and nice. Then we went to Missouri, which apparently triggered a cold front to cover all of the US except for Florida. You're very welcome for that.

Ah, being the very astute reader that you are, you noticed that I mentioned a trip to Missouri. Yes indeed. My cousin Shawn married her doctor last month and they had a wedding reception/holiday party on Saturday which they kindly invited us to. And so we drove to St. Louis on Saturday. It was very cloudy (as you will see) which was a mercy because I'd forgotten how very strong the sun seems to be in Missouri when it's out. That was shown to me when we were driving around Sunday and Monday when the clouds had all been blown away.

I don't know why, but every time we drive through St. Louis, I am compelled to take a picture of the Arch. It's like a compulsion or something. And so I have a lot of blurry drive-by shots of the Arch. Here's another one.

Ok, one of the fun stories behind this little fun time is that Shawn and I had not actually met in person. She's related on my Daddy's side and since we were estranged from them, I didn't even know she existed until I was quite old. So it was wild to actually see her in person after talking to her so often. Here's a cousin picture.

And yes, Shawn, we do look a lot alike, now that I can see us side by side.

And then Friend Husband asked to take another one just in case the first didn't turn out. The moral of this story is "don't trust Lori if she's behind you". This is something my own personal family will vouch for.

I think Shawn knew something was going on, don't you?

They had a very fun wedding cake (and it was so yummy too)!

And some fun friends. I took like a gazillion pictures which I will only bore the wedding couple with but I thought this one was special. I think she'll thank me for it, don't you?

Here are my cousin's daughter and her friends (daughter is on the far right). Since Shawn employs a pseudonym for her on her own personal blog, I won't divulge her name here but is she not precious and adorable?

I tried to get a picture of her hubby but he seems a little skittish around cameras. I think it's because he has the most gorgeous eyelashes known to man (well, woman) and he's afraid that someone will mug him for them. So instead, I substitute another photo of my cousin.

The food was amazing. Yum.

And tune in tomorrow (or whenever I get around to it) for the continuing saga of our whirlwind trip to Missouri in which we catch up with old friends, get caught in a major freeze, and David attempts yet again to kill himself on common household objects.

Keep warm, peoples!

Oh, sorry! I forgot one other thing. All this Christmas season, I've had a hankering for a certain song. It's heard every Christmas time but for some reason this year I decided I had to find out what it was and convince Rachel to play it. Since the only thing I could tell her was, "It kinda goes like this..." and hum it, she was unable to replicate it. Well, or even recognize it. Whilst I was perusing Trish's blog today, I saw a very fun video she had on and in the middle of it, they played a snippet of the very song I have been hunting for. And Trish identified it and every thing! So now I know that it is the Carol of the Bells and I know more about it than I really ever expected possible. I also hunted for some examples of it on YouTube so I could convince my talented musician gal to replicate it without sheet music and found it in a rendition by Celtic Woman, which group of ladies my family just loves. It's not my favorite rendition of the song but in honor of finding it and loving my family, I here imbed it. You enjoy now...

Oops, one other thing and I promise I'll go. No, we don't celebrate Christmas but I do like this song so enjoy it. Or not. At least you've been warned.


Trish said...

You are cheeky Lori.What fun pictures and a great reunion.
I am glad you found the song you were after ;) .
best wishes for the season and while you are staying warm we are wishing for the cool ...odd isn't it.

Anonymous said...

I'm shocked into a state of reasonableness to see how much weight I've gained. That and I look vaguely crazed in all the pictures. So much for not sleeping for two nights!

Still, I can't thank you enough. For all of it.