Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Xanga seems to not like me this morning...can't leave any comments on peoples' sites (so if you've seen my footprints and I haven't commented, that's why).  So I'm not going to post a big thing here, lest it get eaten and I throw the computer through the window into the snow.

That's right, the WHITE DEATH that was predicted is here.  Pretty white snow.  Very cold.  All of the area schools are closed, including Friend Husband's place of employment.  But he went in anyway.

Ok, that's it.  Laundry calls...

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Gina said...

The Husband went into work today too. He has to report in unless there is a Level 3. Even so, he said only 2/3 of the usual cars were there. Apparently people felt it was worth burning a vacation day over.