Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Heard in my back seat today...

The twins are founts of endless amusement.  And frustration.  Here are but three things I heard from them this morning, as they rode with me to and from Rachel's piano lesson.

1)  (Celtic Woman is playing in the background.)  David:  "But Kuh (his nickname for his twin), Chloe doesn't have a voice!"  That would be my 4-year-old son criticizing one of the women in the group.  Yeah.

2)  Keziah:  "Mom, do you know how to make pancakes?" (As we're passing our local IHOP.)
     Me:  "Sure, Keziah."
     Keziah:  "Then, will you make them for me?"
     Me:  "Not today."
     Keziah:  "Why not?  You don't ever leave the house and you don't go to work.  Why can't you make me pancakes?"


3)  (Sounds of twins rocking out in their car seats, a song they've been singing a lot which sounds to me like, I Want My Mama Back.) 
      Me:  "Rachel, what is that song they're singing back there?  They've been wanting me to sing it at bedtime."
      Rachel, cracking up:  "They're singing a song from Hannah Montana."
      Me:  "I know that, but it sounds so sad--I Want My Mama Back."
      Rachel:  "No, Mom, it's I Want My Mullet Back."
      Me:  "Oh."
      Twins in the background:  "I Want My Mullet Back!  I Want My Mullet Back!"


Gina said...

Great stories for a dreary morning! I always thought 4 was a great age-old enough to give you great material but young enough that they still do silly things.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I haven't tried it, but my mom said they are good. You can buy pancake mix in an aerosol can... I suspect it would be right next to whipped topping.

I would rather go to IHOP than eat pancakes at home. There isn't one close by, but when I lived in Washington, I would treat myself to Strawberry Blintzes every once in awhile.