Monday, February 09, 2009

Chapter 8: In Which Our Heroine Becomes Annoyed With One of Her Children and Contemplates the Weird

Surprise! Lori's annoyed with a child...stop the presses!

Well, it is a different child, for a change. Sometimes I wonder what possesses my children. Keziah is the latest culprit (although Rachel is getting marks next to her name for impertinence as well today). She has always been strong-willed but lately she's decided to make her own play for running the universe. She has decided to start with me. So we spend a lot of time telling her to do something, having her either refuse outright or drag her heels, with the result that she gets redirected or punished.

I think I'm too old to be a mother to toddlers. Or small people.

In other news, I got an e-mail from one of my mother's cousins yesterday, which contained the news that another cousin had died of cancer on Saturday. Now generally, this is a sad thing. If my mother had lived, she would be 61 right now. Tony was one of the cousins that was born the same year she was. He is not someone I knew really well, as his sisters were a lot more friendly and I got to know them better. In fact, Tony was the only person at our family reunion in 2007 who was unkind to/about the twins, so I have some vague negativity toward him. But still, another one gone, and way too young.

Death is such a weird thing. There's nothing at all intelligent that I can add to that so I'll stop. Go hug your babies for me, will you? Even the snarky ones.


Ohio_Momto3boys said...

My neighbor boy has threatened to write a book about us: Weird places the Miller boys have pooped. Chapter 12... the driveway...
I like YOUR book better.

Your mom would be 61? Mine would have been 88 this year. DH's daddy will be 80 on Wednesday. Your momma died so young. I bet you miss her (especially when it would be fun to pawn off the snarky kiddos for a short break)


acceptancewithjoy said...

[I think I'm too old to be a mother to toddlers.]

Me too... but I am older than you. I am almost 46! Do you know when my mom was my age she had a grandchild the age of my youngest child?