Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Chapter 5: In which our heroine learns to be a "fun mom"

I have long maintained that I am just not a fun mom. Somewhere between Abby and the twins, I just lost the ability/impetus/desire to be "fun". Friend Husband occasionally encourages me to be spontaneous and fun with the girls and I think, "Sure...I can *try* but it just doesn't work out for me that way." Occasionally I can break out and be totally manic and fun. Yesterday was one of those days. And I have the scrapes and bruises to prove it.

Yesterday was co-op day and we also got to meet Friend Cindy and her lovely daughters at the McDonald's Playplace to let them burn off some steam. Since our world is currently pretty ice-covered (from tromping the snow), it is not very safe for them to get outside and run around. So the twins got to play and Friend Cindy and I got to talk. Yeehaw!

On Sunday, Philip had told David about the sledding hill they have behind their house and suggested that he might want to come over and play. Naturally, Dave was ON it. Like immediately. We told him he couldn't go Sunday but I resigned myself to taking them over there on Monday and playing for a little while. When we started, we had so much fun that I realized I needed to get the big sisters and come back. So we did. We sledded for about 2 ½ hours and left only when we'd burned most of the snow off the slopes (not too fun to sled on rocks). And we had a blast...and I got major fun mom points.

And this morning I am feeling every one of my 41 years plus a few extra. The sledding hill is actually the hill down the bottom of their walk-out basement So, since my added weight made sure that I went faster and further, it was rare for me not to hit either the retaining wall or the French doors at the bottom. I think I did pretty well with catching myself so that it didn't do as much damage as it could have but I still managed to achieve a pressure burn near my elbow and some sore arms from breaking my descent. And I fell down more times than I can count. Sarah even said, "You're having a hard day, Mom!" Ice is not a medium which is kind to one's attempts to climb hills. So my knees are pretty bruised up. Happily, I was the only one who sustained injuries besides sore muscles.

And Friend Priscilla, being the consummate hostess that she is, came home from work and made us hot chocolate and hot cookies. Does she rock or what?

As they say in the South, "A good time was had by all."

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Anonymous said...

I love the photos of your family fun!

I haven't been sledding since... I don't remember. My dad was in the Air Force and after my 7th grade year we lived where snow was rare and didn't stick, then as an adult I was too "mature" for such antics. And, I am older and weigh more than you do. :o(

Ron is seen as way more fun than I am. In fact on Saturday it FINALLY got warm enough to ensure "sticky" snow. Ron took the kids out and taught them about snowball fights and snowmen. I stayed in and did laundry, made cookies and cleaned.

Oh no! I am boring!!!