Friday, March 13, 2009


Well, this whole thing stemmed from some misheard lyrics, so it's a shaky premise at best. In one of the songs that the children play on the stereo a lot, I misheard the lyrics: "Walk in patterns all our days". Patterns is actually "balance", but it's the patterns thing that has got me to thinking.

The older I've gotten, the more I've yearned to be immortal. Not immortal in the sense of living forever but immortal in the sense of having people not forget me after I'm dead and gone. And the older I get, the more I realize that that just doesn't happen. Of the billions of people who have lived, only a relative handful are remembered. So I'm trying to figure out just how long any memory of me will survive after I'm gone. And it's depressing. Which I truly don't need any more of.

That's one part of the patterns thing, but not the major part. It occurred to me that part of the success in parenting is to give your children patterns to navigate the world. Without patterns (boundaries, morals, virtues, rules to live by, etc.), it is frightening and difficult to navigate. And in our ignorance at that point in our lives, we can make some really bad decisions. I sure know I did. I'm only hoping that I give my children more patterns in their lives so that they aren't 41 and wondering what in the world happened to their lives and how they can get on track again.

Patterns are good. That is all.

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Julie said...

I like patterns better than balance. I am horrible at achieving balance in and of itself. It is the patterns that I establish that help me keep moving toward my goal.

I have never thought about being remembered after I am gone. I just figure once I am dead, my focus will be on something other than this life. Today was meant to be valued today.

Well, I have to go. I have to leave in 6-minutes to pick up Marissa from work. I overslept today and didn't have time to wash my hair before I had to go do nursery at church. So, now I am sitting at the computer with a towel on my head and a bathrobe on. I bet Marissa would crawl in a hole if I picked her up like that! :o)