Friday, May 01, 2009

Happy Birthday, Sweet Sixteen!

I can hardly wrap my mind around the idea that I have a 16-year-old daughter. In many ways, she isn't so much a daughter as a friend and I've really been interested in how she's developing as a person over time.

Sarah, of course, did not want a Sweet Sixteen party. Her dad and I made the executive decision that we would have one anyway. So then we had to negotiate the terms of the party. I knew she wouldn't want a traditional princess type party but we couldn't figure out what to do until Friend Gina told us about a "teenager party" that her neighbors had given. It sounded right up our alley. After messing around a bit with the dates, we arrived with the date of 4/25, the day after the aforementioned play.

Ahem. No, not my smartest move. Oh well.

So what we did was this: When the girls came, we made homemade pizzas and noshed on fruit bouquets and veggie trays while they baked (my daughter the health nut required the latter items for her continued happiness). After eating, I had them design and construct garments for themselves. Using newspaper and duct tape. Yes, I thought it was hilarious. They eventually got into the spirit of the thing. After that, I took them outside, handed them shower caps, and advised them to put them on. When they did, I annointed their heads with shaving cream and passed out cheese puffs (you know, like Cheetos, only generic) for them to decorate one another's chapeaus. And then I took pictures. Hee heee...yes I had a very good time.

About that time, two of the girls had to leave, so the rest of us went back inside for cake, presents, and one of Sarah's favorite shows. A good time was had by all.


and dresses...

and some really attractive hats...

The whole group. The two girls on the far right won the awards for best hat, best overall ensemble (Mariah) and best dress (Elizabeth).

It was kinda cold in the we curled up with quilts on the couch.

Guess what we were watching...

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Anonymous said...

Lori, I love the Cheeto hats... too fun! I am glad you insisted on a party ~

Your fruit is amazing!