Saturday, April 25, 2009

As I said, it was a busy week...

We spent the week doing some spring cleaning and preparing for the play (Friday night) and Sarah's Sweet Sixteen party (Saturday afternoon). The time just flew. So here are a few more photos from the tea party and then the next time I get to post (which we all suspect will not be tomorrow), I'll post play & party pics, Lord willing.
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Here are some sepia studies I took of my friends. I really like the way they turned out...sort of like old photos from a book or something.



Cindy. She probably hates this photo but I like the way she's looking at the camera with the imperious look. She is so rarely like that around us...but I'll wager that the teens at her place of employment (a high school) see that occasionally.

Priscilla and Sharon

Sharon and myself. This didn't look so old-timey but I just loved the handholding and sisterhood. Good times...

I am so unphotogenic.

Here was some of the yummy food. Friend Cherylyn said that she didn't think she could get filled up on tea food. She might be surprised! We all left comfortable, although not stuffed. It was a nice little feeling. And I loved the cucumber sandwiches...I was surprised!

I'm hoping they'll be able to come to my house in June. It's not a mansion, but we sure do have a good time together.

Here are a few random shots inside the house:

The pink room

The entryway. I wish I'd taken a photo of the was amazing.

You can't tell from this photo, but the glass in this porch lamp was bubbled, which lead me to believe that it was mouth-blown and probably quite old.

This was the door into the house.

Pretty wrought iron gate & fence.

I do wish I'd had time to reread the book that this house is in so I could try to puzzle out what happened in which room. And I wish that we could have gone upstairs. Maybe we should have asked but as we were the last seating of the day, we figured it would not be a welcome question. I did stand at the corner of the property and got a glimpse of a scene from the book. And it made me quite happy.

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acceptancewithjoy said...

I love the old-timey photos too. It is so fun to play with pictures on PaintShop!

Oh, and I am quite fond of cucumber tea sandwiches too.