Monday, April 20, 2009

And now back to our regularly scheduled program...

So, the homeschooling convention was, as I'd hoped, a blast. And a shot in the arm. I really needed that, especially this year. Maybe I'll get to the end of the year without threatening to send Rachel and Abby to public school.

I am so tired.

And this is not a good week to be tired, as the end of the week is the musical that we've been preparing for since September. I still have many many costumes to make and I have a nasty cold or sinus infection or something going on. I was totally out of it yesterday. But I did manage to see most of what I wanted to see at the convention AND go to tea with Friend Priscilla and the girls. The girls being the middle-aged women I take tea with in our congregation.

The first two photos which follow are of stuff that was near where we parked on Friday. I think the first one is Music Hall and the second was a couple of steeples to what, I don't know. I just like steeples.

The third photo is of the vendor area at the convention. I am proud to announce that I only purchased one book, which Sarah needed for school. We did have the opportunity to look at an algebra book, which was nice. I wish we could have found the other one for comparison purposes, but since she's been studying math out of the other series for a while, we pretty much know how it goes.

Here are a few photos of our tea experience. We went to Edith Mae's Tea Room in the Eden Hall Mansion. Eden Hall was used as the model for Sally Cochran Rausch's house in ...And Ladies of the Club (my favoritest novel ever) so it was beyond cool to go inside and see it. And to stand on the corner outside it and ponder some scenes from the book. The tea experience was nice too, except for the lack of serving utensils. Fortunately, we're all friendly!

Eden Hall Mansion (there's a ballroom on the 3rd floor!)

Our charming hostess, Friend Priscilla.

My place setting, before I switched plates with Friend Sherri, because she didn't particularly like hers.

Here was the plate that Friend Sherri liked a lot less well than I did:

And here is the group, in the yellow dining room adjacent to where we had our tea.

I can't wait for the next tea party! I think I'm going to try to have everyone in June to my house. I actually have a few ideas, for once!

More pictures tomorrow, Lord and health willing. And costumes and party prep for Sarah's party on Saturday. As I said, it's a busy week.

Be well!

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Julie said...


I wish I lived close enough for tea!

And, you showed great restraint only purchasing one book in a convention hall. My husband buys more books than that for himself.

Hope you are feeling better. I have an icky head cold/sinusy thing too. I thought I was feeling better, but I have started coughing and I have decided I don't like this phase of the cold anymore than I liked the stuffy nose part.