Friday, April 17, 2009

And now for a little excitement...

Never never complain about your life being blah. Not that I did that, but I did mention that I felt blah. So there's always more places to go with that.

David is allergic to the United States. Seriously, the minute we stepped off the plane, he started sneezing and carrying on. It hasn't improved much over time. In fact, part of the reason his nephrotic syndrome was not diagnosed as quickly as it could have been was because he was having so many allergies at the time that the pediatrician thought that's what was making him swell up.

So, yes, we know he has allergies just about all the time. Right now the pollen is really bad and he's been hocking up a lung every time he opens his mouth. It hasn't seemed to bother him, until Wednesday when he started acting like he really didn't feel well. He didn't play as much with the children and spent a lot of time lying around in Mama's lap. Then he started coughing so hard he was throwing up. Not. Good. Then he started wheezing and I got just a wee bit frantic.

I assured Friend Husband that I'd take him to the doctor. I called just as early as could be yesterday. Busy. Busy. I finally got through they said they could give him an appointment at 4:15. "Um, he's really wheezing and feeling bad, couldn't we get him in before then?" No, apparently I am very lucky to be getting in then. It was the last available space on Thursday.

He didn't do much of anything yesterday. Didn't want to play. Wanted to lie on the couch and watch videos. I worked in the very neglected garden some and he came out to lie in the sun on the deck. Quite pathetic. And he was totally unhappy when I told him that he wouldn't be spending Friday with his friend Adalyn because of his cough. Adalyn has extreme allergies and asthma and I couldn't risk his bringing a bug to her and further compromising her health.

I was bummed because that meant that I couldn't go to the homeschool convention, as planned. But, as I told Friend Husband, that's what you sign up for with children.

I took him to the pediatrician yesterday to find that his blood pressure was already elevated. After listening to my concerns and doing an exam, the doctor said, "Maybe it's allergies."

Really? Ya think? But I kept a civil tongue in my head and nodded. She had the aide give him a breathing treatment in the office, which seemed to help his wheezing quite a bit. Then she tried to give him a prescription for an antihistimine.

"Um, his nephrologist told me not to give him antihistimines because of his kidneys. And his blood pressure. Which is elevated, I saw."

"Oh, ok." Flip flip flip through the chart. "Well, I'll give him a prescription for an inhaler and that should help."

Having already talked to Friend Gina about this, I knew that her allergist (or pediatrician) had said that albuterol was a pretty benign drug as drugs go so I let that one go with the mental note to call the kidney guys this morning and let them know what was going on with my pint-sized boy.

Friend Husband came home and assumed child-care duties while Sarah and I went to the convention. I *finally* got to hear Susan in person, talked to Friend Daneille and a bunch of other homeschool homies of mine, and walked through an amazing and awesome display of homeschool vendors. I mean. Wow. Very helpful to me, as I need to get Sarah an Algebra II book so I could compare the two I wanted to compare. I was happy to note that the books I got to replace Abby's were less expensive in the venues where I found them than at the convention. You have to save where you can.

Then came the trip home. First of all, since we left after the last session, we got mired in nasty nasty lines trying to get out of the parking garage. I talked to Sarah and played on my iPod while attempting to breathe deeply (but not too deeply due to the fumes) so that I wouldn't have a panic attack. I really really hate being trapped places. Then I couldn't find my way out of downtown Cincinnati. Sigh. Generally I have no problem with that but I got turned around and turned around. After driving around for 30 minutes, we finally got out of downtown, only to realize that the car was running on fumes. I coasted down to the area where Friend Husband works, filled up, then looked at Sarah and announced that we were having fast food for supper. At 10:30 PM. Despite her health-consciousness, she totally agreed. After attacking some Taco Bell, we made it home in time to collapse into bed.

Today, my plans are thus: Plant more seeds, buy some birthday presents for my friends, go to the convention when Friend Husband comes home. Tomorrow? Convention in the morning, then birthday tea with aforementioned friends at <sqeeeee> Edith Mae's Tea Room in the Eden Hall Mansion. As I have mentioned before, Eden Hall Mansion was the model for one of the homes in my very favoritest novel ever. When Friend Priscilla read the book, we discussed going up to Xenia and seeing some of the town where the author lived and from which she drew inspiration for her fictional Waynesboro. Friend Priscilla booked the tea for us, I knew it was in Xenia and I also knew about Eden Hall but I did not connect that the tea room was IN Eden Hall.

I can't wait.

So, that's my busy weekend. Now, before I toodle off to call the nephrologist and to play in the big dirt pile in my back yard, here's a picture of my adorable kitty, nodding off at Sarah's feet this morning. Ahhhh, to be a cat.

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