Sunday, May 31, 2009

Life's a beach

I never thought I was a beach person.  I do know that I enjoy the mountains and if I had the choice, I'd go to the mountains over the beach any time.  I don't like being hot and I don't enjoy baking in the sun.

That said, we had a fabulous time at the beach in Florida on our last day there.  It had rained all night (well, it actually rained all WEEK) and spotty rain was happening when we left to drive there.  We girls all had our cool new swimsuits on (that I spent 2 weeks sewing) and we were ready to go.  We got to our beach destination, the beach we'd been to a couple of years ago when we'd last gone.  I made a pit stop, and by the time I started down the wooden steps to the beach, they were walking back up.  I looked out at the water, which looked quite angry.  Large waves were washing up onto the beach.  It was scary.  My in-laws said we'd check out another beach which, while more public, was in a safer location. 

So we packed up again and headed down the road to the new beach.  Once there, we noted that there was a red flag on the lifeguard tower, which indicated that we shouldn't be in the water.  How frustrating!  They ended up taking it down before much longer but we'd already decided that we'd just stay and build sand castles, if that was all we could do.  We ended up spending hours there, playing on the sand, playing in the water, and having a good time.  My poor in-laws spent their time up on the beach in beach chairs, watching us.  I think Rhea said the water was too cold for her and Irwin didn't even dress for water, so that was out for him.  We, on the other hand, had a major blast.

All too soon,  we had to pack it up and leave.  The threatening storms had finally started with the thunder and lightning and the beach closed.  We had such a good time in just the few hours we were there.  For us, it was an added bonus that the sun was hidden behind the thick clouds.  No sunburns!  Didn't even have to wear sunglasses!

Here are a few pictures, in roughly chronological order.  This was definitely my favorite day and favorite activity of the time we were there.  Rhea thinks we should do 2 beach days the next time we come, since we enjoy it so much.  I heartily concur with her opinion.


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Ohio_Momto3boys said...

I love the swimsuits! Modest but absolutely NOT tacky! Very cool in appearance and so great for skin protection.

Where did you go for your beach adventures?