Friday, May 29, 2009

Bad Career Move

It's a bad career move to eat too many beans. I'm just sayin'.

Ok, off to day two of our Florida trip. On this day, we traveled down to Miami to the Miami Seaquarium, which is where they used to film the show Flipper. Here are the children with a Flipper statue.

We saw a good many shows here: dolphin shows, killer whale shows, a truly corny sea lion show (which was really a preach-a-thon about the environment), and I forget whatever else. This is a very cool picture that Friend Husband took of Rachel, the twins, & me getting splashed by a dolphin.

Salt water is not very lovely to get splashed by.

It was hot, but fortunately there was a good stiff wind to cool us off, most times.

The children held parrots.

Here is a picture of most of the family standing "in front of" Miami. Look way in the background.

Oh, I almost the big middle of the sea lion show, David pulled his first tooth! He was very brave about it. And it was more interesting than the show, in my opinion.

We were all happy to get in the a/c and eat lunch.

Much to my chagrin, Keziah has been using my camera a lot. I told her she could take one picture while we were waiting for lunch.

Do you see the remnants of the poison ivy on my arms? I still itch but not as bad.

When we went home, David developed a new game involving unstrung badminton racquets, tennis balls, and golf/tennis/soccer moves. It is called "Garmasicle".

Tomorrow...the beach!

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Anonymous said...

Lovely vacation photos. I want a vacation!

Love the toothless grin.

Beverly has a tooth just beginning to wiggle. Ron told her that her teeth are falling out because she doesn't brush good. ARGH! I told her the truth. She spends all day with her finger in her mouth moving it back and forth. I wonder how long it will take to fall out?