Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Florida Trip

Sunday night we returned from a semi-annual trip to see Friend Husband's dad in Florida. And Dad's wife, who is indeed my mother-in-law, but not the mother of Friend Husband. Blended families are so complicated. Anyway, we had a splendid time (and yes, Cherylyn, I was mostly able to keep my mouth shut...thanks!). The first full day we were there was Abby's 10th birthday. We went to a cool playground, which was closed when we got there (rain had made it wet and slippery, I think), so we went inside the community building to play in the science exploratorium and to look at the quilts. We finally got to go into the playground which was indeed worth the wait. After the playground and a suitable period of rest, we celebrated Abby's birthday. It was a lovely day.

Since Xanga is being recalcitrant, I'll have to give y'all the link to my Facebook album to see the pictures. Off to laundry. Vacation is nice but we sure need a vacation day or two to make up from the vacation!

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