Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I would be blogging very merrily about our trip to my sil's farm except that I came home from said farm with a very special gift:  poison ivy rash.  All over, even on my face and in my hair.  It's about to drive me crazy.  Although it is not as bad a case as the one I had a few years ago, it's still waking me up nights and keeping me from doing some things that I like to do.  Like holding children or resting my arms at all.

And we're getting ready for another trip.  And I'm trying to get stuff into the garden.  It's beautiful spring here and I'm trying to enjoy it as well as I can!

Happy spring!


pat said...

I'm covered too - mostly my arms - SOOOOOOO itchy!(Try letting very hot water run on it - the only thing that relieves the itch for me)
I know mine was from gardening and cleaning out gardens - just finished planting 20 little raspberry plants today.
Happy spring to you :-)

acceptancewithjoy said...

Hope your feeling better soon! I don't know of any magic poison ivy cures and my mom is so allergic I think she would break out if it were anywhere within a mile of her. One time her eyes were swollen shut.

acceptancewithjoy said...

Hope you are feeling better soon. My mom is ALLERGIC to poison ivy. I am not sure she even has to touch it. It just has to be in the vicinity and she gets a rash. One time her eyes swelled shut. We took a picture of her (not me the collective we that includes my sisters who are much less well behaved).