Thursday, July 23, 2009

5 years

Five years ago I posted my first blog post ever, here at Xanga. I have had blogs at Homeschool Blogger and Blogspot but this one I've kept up with for five years.

It's hard to believe.

Five years ago tomorrow, my mom had just been gone a few months. Maybe 4. We were in the middle of the adoption process for a little girl from India. Obviously that adoption did not go through and we adopted twins from Ethiopia a little over a year later. Looking back, I know I was in a pretty deep well of depression when I started this blog but I did not exactly start it as a journal. I started it as a way to let my in-laws see pics of the children. To my knowledge, I have never been able to tempt them over to see this. Probably a good thing.

I have met so many wonderful people here (and through Blogspot), and gotten to know better so many people I already knew. I am so very blessed that I haven't had a really bad experience with this blog except when my sister was stalking me through it. And that's her deal, not mine. Most of the time, I've felt loved and supported and have very much enjoyed my time here writing.

Obviously, I have not been spending so much time over here lately. I prefer the interface at Facebook for a lot of things. Xanga has changed some to incorporate Pulse, which is a little like a status update on FB, but I usually don't bother to change my Pulse here when I change my status update there. I think I'm getting lazy. But I do like the comments, of course, and I still like logging on here and seeing what everyone is up to. I generally check here before I call anyone, just to make sure I'm caught up!

All this is to say, I've had a swell time here...thanks for 5 lovely years, Xanga!

And since pictures started it all, I will put my latest favorite picture of the cat on here. Understand that the kitty has been confined to the cone of shame for weeks now, because he continues to bite on his tail. But occasionally we will take it off so he can groom himself and scratch his itches. You know how good it feels to scratch an itch you've had for a long time? So does Aragorn.

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