Monday, July 20, 2009


Lately life has been getting in the way of a lot of things, including my Xanga time. Life has even been getting in the way of my Facebook time, so you know it's serious! Ha, not kidding, but there it is. When does it ever slow down?

I was looking at the calendar for this week and noticed that we have 2 big anniversaries. Friday will mark 5 years since I started blogging here at Xanga. Saturday will mark 8 years since we moved into this house. Time flies...sometimes.

So Friend Husband is doing something secret for our anniversary next month. We are apparently going somewhere in KY on Friday. Can I just say how very stoked I am? I love surprises! And this is the first time that we will be going anywhere alone since we traveled to Ethiopia to pick up the twins. I don't know when that became important to me--that going out alone thing--but it has become so. We do get to go out occasionally in the evening and I enjoy that, but it will be an entirely different thing to go away without the children. And especially since we will be celebrating our anniversary. Our 20th anniversary.

I'm just in awe of the fact that we've lasted this long. When we got married, my mother and stepfather had been married something like 10 years. I think my in-laws were married something like 15 before they divorced. I think, at that point, our parents had been married a total of 14 times. It's a scary thing to be entering into what is supposed to be a permanent relationship when you have no role models. And I was rather terrified. For good reason, it turned out. The first seven years of our marriage were...special. It wasn't until we moved out to the Cincinnati metro area that things really started looking up. So I guess the last 13 years were pretty wonderful, at least in comparison!

My husband is a wonderful person. I agreed to marry him because he was the kindest, gentlest man I'd ever met. And over time I've come to realize what a fine and honorable man he is. And very hard working. For some reason, which I've never been able to fathom, he loves *me*. The ring is on my finger and he is stuck now...and has been for 20 years! Happy early anniversary, honey!

I've been doing a lot of cards and scrapbooking lately. I did 2 scrapbook pages & 4 cards last night. I had eaten something that made me sick, so didn't accompany the family to church services. After I slept, I was trying to find something I could do sitting that wouldn't exacerbate the nausea. And this was the result:

Since Xanga's being nice, let's see if I can load a few pics that I wanted to from the last update.

This was an interesting site at a gas station on the way to camp. It was a car with a huge *thing* attached to the side. The guy was from OH (we were somewhere in MO or OK) and I asked him what that thing was. It was a pole for pole vaulting. Apparently this is how you have to tote them from meet to meet! You know I had to take a picture!

This is Friend Husband's sweater, with a mistake shown by the gold cable needle.
And below is the sweater after I ripped it back to the mistake. That poor sweater has been significantly ripped back (3 times) in the past couple of month. The color is more like the color below.

This picture is proof of the fact that David wakes me up at dawn to take him to the playground at camp.

I got to visit Friend Cherylyn while we were in OK and meet her 2 new animals (and her sweet sil, JoAnn). This is Chirper, inspecting the tissue paper. He wanted to make sure it was ok to be on Cherylyn's bed.

And this is sunset the same day, on the way back to camp from Cherylyn's. It was prettier than the photo would suggest but this is the best I can do, driving, with my digital camera.

Well, I guess that's enough of an update for today. I hope y'all have a good Monday!

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Happy Anniversary ~ sorry I missed it.