Monday, July 13, 2009


It's been a while since I've written. It's been a very busy summer, even as summers go. I am pooped.

By my conservative estimate, we've driven over 6000 miles since the middle of May. In between trips, I've been trying to catch up with laundry, school stuff, house stuff, my garden, etc. Not very successfully, I might add.

And then there's been the issue of the cat.

A couple of weeks ago, Rachel accidentally shut the cat's tail in the door and snipped off the end of it. We put Neosporin on it but he kept worrying at it until it was a nasty mess. Three trips to the vet and two partial amputations later, he is still wearing a huge Elizabethan collar and a bandage on his tail. And he made such an interesting noise at the vet's today that they told me that next time *I* can take his bandage off. Poor kitty. Poor Mommy.

So am I forgiven for not blogging as much?

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