Thursday, October 22, 2009

Baby love

Well, I finally got some pictures uploaded but have to preempt them with the announcement of our new little baby. No, I haven't been holding out on y'all. This little guy walking into our lives on Friday afternoon, courtesy of some unwitting strangers. Sadly, he is not yet named because we are fighting over what the name will be. I present to you, the Kitten Who Shall Not Be Named:

Isn't he adorable? This is how he came to be in our lives:

The twins and I were leaving the grocery store Friday afternoon, our hands full of bags. I saw a couple of teenaged skater dudes talking with a lady and holding this lovely little kitten. They turned and headed off as I said, "Oh, what a lovely cat!" They turned around, looked at each other, and said, "Do you want it?" Of course, you know the end of the story so you know I said, "Yes!"

The boys carried my groceries to the van & put them in the front seat and the kitten, the twins and I settled in for the short ride home. I coached the twins over and over that we were going to surprise the sisters and not tell them about the kitten right away. They didn't, and I was able to surprise Sarah with the kitten anyway. She watched as it crawled out of my coat. Her expression was priceless!

Friend Husband and I have been talking about getting another feline for a while, but I told him that I didn't want to go purchase a cat or go to the pound. The best fortune we've had with animals are those who have found us, one way or another. Any time we go out and seek an animal, it's turned out badly. So we waited and waited. When those boys asked me if I wanted that kitten, I knew that Friend Husband would welcome him. And he did.

I took him to the vet on Monday morning, bright and early.

Here's our vet, Kelly Moore. I just love her! I like the guys she's partnered with as well, but she's my favorite in the practice. Since she's newer, she usually has more openings as well, which is just fine with me.

Dr. Moore said that the kitten tested faintly positive for feline leukemia. She isn't sure if his immune system will overcome it or if he'll just have it anyway but other than that, he seemed pretty healthy, especially for a stray. She estimated that he's about 12 weeks old.

Now for the naming. I am favoring 'Mithrandir', from Lord of the Rings, because it means 'grey wanderer'. Abby is favoring 'Tom Bombadil', also from LOTR, because she doesn't like Mithrandir. Sigh. Who knows how it will end up. For now, we jokingly call him 'The Kitten Who Shall Not Be Named".

I'd like to add more but I am now waaaay behind in my day...I hope y'all have a good one!

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Julie said...

Lori, I had a cat who died with the name Tabby Cat... I don't think he was traumatized by the whole no name thing. We currently have a Maxwell... a tabby whose forehead markings look a little like an 'M' (kinda like your little ones). And Ellis (or L.S.), a shortened form of "Little Sh*t.